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At 7:20am on January 14, 2011, Bishop: Innocent K. Segoh said…
Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless you Man of God I pray ALL is well.
It would by highly advantageous for you to join us on U.S.A. Network V.A.C.M.I and work on helping us building international unity through your vision.
We would be honored to have you as a member.

This Organization  was created for Pastors and Missionaries around the world to meet and discuss relevant issues, as well as, missionary plan, conference and evangelistic endeavors.
Make sure you checkout web side , www.thefieldmissionofchrist.orgTogether we can make a difference in sharing the gospel across the nations and transforming lives. So if you want to be part just click :Apply for membership
At 12:09am on December 31, 2009, Tamara van Rooij said…
MySpace Christian New Year Graphics
At 6:24am on November 16, 2009, Pastor Kanthi Sudhakar. said…
Dearly Beloved in Lord Jesus Christ,

Good day my beloved man of God. I am Pastor Kanthi from India, State of Andhra Pradesh. So I am presenting our work about Orphanage. Please read and understand with patience.

First of all I greet you in the name of Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I hope that you and your family are doing great in the Lord Jesus Christ. I came to do and preach the word of God with burning desire.

There are so many needy churches in India, because India is the least evangelize nation in the 10/40 Window 25. Many people lived in the villages that they have not right place to live, because of poverty; I have a great burden in my heart to the un-reached and suppressed people. My eyes are worn out with weeping; my soul is in anguish for hopeless people and orphan children. And so many Orphan and semi Orphan children are neglected by the society, then they will be become beggars and child labors ect...in south India.

Because of the means, mentioned above I was inspired and got become exited to holdfast and execute in performance. In the year 1997 LOGOS MINISTRIES(A Non-Profit Christian Voluntary Organization) was established by me. It was registered under the society’s registration act XXI 1860, Government of India. The Registration number is 230/97. Logos Ministries is caring and touching the lives of people in all walks life.

We are maintaining one Orphanage with 28 children and Church based community development for poor and needy people and some thing like that.

Be pleased with pleasure of Godly way and come forward to put forth to touch Lord God by giving your charities to some thing which I deal to and undergo for and by Orphan children. For as much just to take care of such type of children, they are in my holding and caring.

We approach you for your kind Charity and Generosity to wipe out the continual Stream of tears on the Orphan Children tender Cheeks and fill their little bellies with a little food.

Pray and do your best as you can and convey this matter to your friends in Lord and charitable people. I Cordially invite you please come and visit us, then you can understand about our situations.

Thanking you Sir,
Pastor Kanthi.
At 5:29pm on October 9, 2009, Pastor.D.Shadrach said…
Dearly Beloved in Christ.

Warm Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST. Thank God for there wonderful opportunity to share about us and our ministry. We are sending this mail from South India.

I am Pastor. D. Shadrach born and brought up from the Orthodox Christian family. In the age of twenty one I had a divine call from God to work for the Kingdom of God on their earth and to win the lost for CHRIST. From then on words I submit and Surrender my self to Him. He is guiding me the way He wants to be.

Our Ministry:

Our Church name is MAHANAIM MISSION MINISTRIES.. Through Our Church we are doing different type of ministry in our area like branch Church, Pioneering work, Children and Youth Ministry, Women’s ministry and Social Activities also. In our church there are 100 members coming regularly and in our Town surrounded with 21 Villages to do the ministry and opening door for proclaiming the Gospel of CHRIST. Around 42,000 people were living in these Villages. Even though we have an open door and free to do the ministry in these Villages. Till now we are not able to reach out and to win there souls for CHRIST, Just because of Economical and material Problems. So if you people are willing , having desire and Burden for India Specially in our church, and Villages people We Welcome you to India to Glorify the Lord our God In our Country. If you are Interested in that and to know more about our ministry Please do contact us. “The Longest journey begins with single step” Why don’t you to be part of our ministry to start a Single step”. Thank you and we are expecting your Prayer and answer from you.

“Where there is a co-operation there will be the Success full operation”.

Pastor. D. Shadrach.

PULIYUR 639 114.
Karur District. Tamil Nadu. India.

Mobile: + 98944 37218.
+97914 10291.
Email: tomahanaim@yahoo.com.
At 5:10pm on May 19, 2009, PASTOR.T.JOHN RAVICHANDRAN said…
At 11:07am on April 20, 2009, Tamara van Rooij said…

At 3:57am on November 30, 2008, Prophetess Gladys Dark said…
Welcome Vessel of God-

To the fastest growing network on .ning - simply because we are people here who carry the 'fear' of the Lord on our lives.

Jude warned Jewish Christians about false teachers and wicked people who found their way into the church. These people taught that because God's grace was free, behavior didn't matter, Jude reminds Believers of the punishment immoral people receive.

Some people claim to love God but don't obey him. Be careful that disobedience does not create a wedge between you and God.

This network is EXCLUSIVELY for God's Generals by invitation only. Welcome to God's army of 'choice vessels' men/women of God! Email gladys_dark@yahoo.com from your private email to get connected to the world!

In His Presence & Power,

I remain

At 11:11am on October 9, 2008, prophet alfred said…
how are u doing to day and ur family members not for get ur ministry as well i hope u are doing well by his grace dad this ur son once again prophet Alfred from Ghana the founder of united praise ministry i am that u accept me as ur son in the lord dad pls i like to this opurtunites to in visite to come and shall with as here in Ghana so fars i am Ur son and also i will be gled when i see u in Ghana at my ministry have nice day dad i pray that may good lord be with u and ur ministry as well pls dad can u give ur personal e-mail adds and ur number for to calls u bye for now
At 1:53pm on October 7, 2008, prophet alfred said…
praise the lord how are u doing to day and ur ministry out there my name is prophet Alfred from Ghana the founder of united praise ministry pls i like take u as my father in the lord as my mentor ship to
At 9:13pm on September 21, 2008, Pastor Stanley Nicholas said…
Keep the good work going brother, nice to meet you here. iam Stanley Nicholas, i started preaching at my age of 9yrs till now. I would like to know more about you and ur ministry, hope to hear from u soon. Email:gminoffice@yahoo.co.uk
At 9:13pm on September 21, 2008, Pastor Stanley Nicholas said…
Keep the good work going brother, nice to meet you here. iam Stanley Nicholas, i started preaching at my age of 9yrs till now. I would like to know more about you and ur ministry, hope to hear from u soon. Email:gminoffice@yahoo.co.uk
At 3:47pm on September 14, 2008, Pastor Adams Ssensano said…
Dear Daniel,
Greeting in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, for keeping quiet for a long time , i have been so busy with series of events, in Uganda, we have had one of the largest gathering ever before of nations, we have had ten nations coming together, and we have had an wholesome time in the presence of God.

And in December and January, am having another series of meetings if possible for you to join us as one of our Guest speaker that will be good. we will have them continues in different parts of Uganda, and then on the 31st we will have 100 churches gathering together to prayer as we end the year 08, we will need a speak on that day as well, as thousands of people gather to wait upon the Lord, one day, one night, closing the year.

I will be happy to give more details of the event , if your willing to come.

Hope to hear from you

Pastor Adams
At 4:53am on September 5, 2008, Bishop: Innocent K. Segoh said…
Hi !Rev: Danielmany blessing to you in the name of our Saviour Christ Jesus, i'am so happy to have you as a friend as we live out our faith here on earth. We walk together in the power of the risen Lord. Be bold in this service,And draw all you strength from the whole gospel and the Holy Spirit. with love for all my family in Christ.
At 2:51pm on August 13, 2008, Pastor Adams Ssensano said…
Dear Servant of the Lord,
It will be great to have you here, pray for me, i will organise a conference in December or early January., keep on praying for that mission and season.You will be one of the Guest speaker, and thanks for the Flags, it will be a blessing to have both. It will be a bless to sit under you and learn from you. Please kindly if you have conferences, Kindly endeavor to invite me to learn.

Early sept i will be traveling to Australia , to do ministry there

keep me in your prayers

God Bless you ,

pastor Adams
At 1:24pm on August 12, 2008, Pastor Adams Ssensano said…
Dear Seer Dnaiel,
Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, am sorry for taking long to reply, i have a big gathering of nations this month, am expecting 20 countries to come, so i have been so busy as you can imagine.
Well i veiwed you websites, and interested in learning more about the jews. am also thinking about putting together a leadership conference here early next year and invite you to teach leaders more about the jewish history/culture.

In the gathering of the nations we will be praying for the jew and isreal but we don't have it's flag, can i have one?

We will be happy to have you here in kampala. What do think about it?

Hope to hear from you

Pastor Adams
At 8:09pm on July 19, 2008, Pastor Adams Ssensano said…
Dear Daniel,
Praise God, it was good to view your profile, i woud like to know more about your ministry, future partnership, you can visit my website and learn more about the work we are doing. www.yocf.com
At 7:45am on May 4, 2008, Prophet Paul Emile Okoka said…
Pray for Africa, Especially For Congo RD
By Paul Emile Okoka(From Congo RD)


If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

-II Chronicles 7:14

Today is the National Day of Prayer. Let us join our faith together to pray for our nation and her leaders:

Lord, we give You thanks, praise, glory, and honor, for You are our God. You are the great I AM, the King of kings, and Lord of lords. We bless You and praise You.

Give wisdom, revelation, and understanding to our nation's leaders. We praise You for providing us with a president who has a relationship of prayer with You. Reveal the mind of Christ to him. Grant him the spirit of David and the wisdom of Solomon.

We lift our nation up to You. This African nation(Ex Egypt) was founded upon Your Word, the Bible, and today we are calling our nation back to You and Your Word, back to prayer and repentance.

Father, our nation needs Your mercy. We need Your forgiveness. We need Your healing. We claim Your power to heal our nation. You are a big and mighty God, able to do beyond all that we can ask or even think.

Let this nation become the beacon You meant it to be, so that the light of the Gospel will shine forth and reach the uttermost bounds of the earth. Lord I join with others to pray in agreement for you to heal, and bless our nation.

May Your people be called to a new sense of prayer and commitment, unified as we look to You as our Source of help and strength. In Jesus' precious name we pray. Amen.

Paul Emile Okoka Ministry(From Congo RD)

World Evangelism Prophetic Ministry
Proclamation True Full Gospel Of End-Times
Via Camisani,01
25020San Paolo(Brescia)
ITALY/TEL: 030-9970850 & 339-1792321
e-mail: okokaemile@yahoo.fr
At 7:16pm on April 14, 2008, ssekamwa isaac said…
glad of you getting into the net work.
please keep it up and make friends .
God bless you as you explore.



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