(BY Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah)

I am so excited to be with you once again.

We need to get to more levels in God, we need to get in the presence of God, and we need to get to the areas that God has set for us. I thank God as I am about to blow your mind into the things of God.

I purposely planned so many things in my life that I will not offer to God anything that won’t cost me by not giving to God anything that does not cost me, but anything that costs me I will give unto God.

If I own something that does not cost me, I will not give it to God; I have to feel it first.
John 3:16 ‘’for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him will not perish but have an everlasting life’’, this cost God so much, that he gave out his only begotten son to you and I.

Some of us, if we are planning to give something to God, we take out the smallest and then offer it unto God, hence forth we need to stop and start giving things that costs, if you are giving money don’t give any amount to God, if you are rendering your service to work in the house of God, don’t do it anyhow, if you are doing something unto God, let it cost you.

Give money that costs you, if you give a car it should cost you.

If you are building a house unto God, or building the house of God, build a house that will cost you not just any house, a house that you yourself will feel that you have done something and through that God will also perform things that will cost him, the Lord.

If you are giving your tithe, give the tithe that will cost you not the tithe that does not cost you, the things you give to God must cost you before it will cost God.

It doesn’t matter how small it may look but it has to cost you.

Anything that God gives costs him a lot.

In the same way whatever you give out to God, it must cost you.

David said he would not give God anything that would not cost him. David seemed to be a man after God’s own heart, in the same way if you want God to value you most; you have to give things that values unto him so that at the end of the day God will value you.

It is my prayer that after reading this message you have a different picture of giving.

You will have a different mind, a different thought attached to this, not of evil but of good, may God position you!

I know that today, before you finish reading this message, you may have a ground to base. I am taking you quickly to a portion in the bible and you are going to get the clear picture of what I am talking about.

We are about to eat the word of God.

I always say this, that there is no way I would ask someone to do something for me and I will not honour the fellow, I will by all means honour the fellow with something.

The bible says honour your Lord with substance, not just substance but with anything.

In the same way you can’t just call Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah anytime you feel like it, anytime you call you have to be in agreement with God, you first have to pray to God about it before deciding to call.

Praise the name of the Lord! From the book of Deuteronomy 26 verse 5 downwards.

Don’t be afraid to start a church, don’t be afraid to start a business, with the little amount you have, with the few people you have, start.

Don’t be afraid to start a company; don’t be afraid to start whatever you say you are about to start; the decision is up to you now.

People contact me and say man of God we need a prophetic word, a prophetic word is not for sale, a prophetic word is for free but as the spirit of the Lord is leading me, then I will tell you what to do and what not to do and by the grace of God it will happen so.

The bible says if you are willing and obedient you will eat the best from the land, there are many things that we need to enjoy, until we are willing and obedient to the servant of God whom God is using to change lives, to turn jobs, to turn ministries.

Last time I gave a direction to a woman to perform but she didn’t and just recently her nineteen years old son died, the Lord told me to give her a direction but she didn’t do as she was told.

People, sometimes, you go to a certain place where you are mistreated and so forth and so on, but today is the time to end all those troubles, reach Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah today.
You can also send me an email through paulasamoah@yahoo.com, and let’s work according to the pattern and plans of so that at the end of the day, you will be free from the hands of the devil.

All the time the enemies like to mistreat the children of God and make them suffer, a lot of spiritual forces may be after you but it is my prayer that all the assignment given to you by the enemy be put to destruction in the name of Jesus.

The people in Egypt, as soon as they were in Egypt, Egypt stands for the world (flesh) in this case, they went through tough time, and their labour was in vain glory and the bible says they cried out to God, if today you are going to cry out to the Lord, God will perform a miracle.

God will bring you out from what you are going through. What at all are you going through? It is easy for you to come out apply and you will see yourself coming out.

The bible says, declare all to God, the God of our fore fathers and the Lord heard our voice and saw our misery and oppression.

Praise the name of the living God.

The reason why you are going through things and you are not seeing the hand of the Lord is because from January up to now you have not consulted God, you have not cried out to God, you have not approached God, you have not even prepared to go before God.

I am here to help you pour your heart before God, before our maker, is there anything too tough or too hard for God? No! Everything is common before God, so today’s challenges you are going through; I came to announce to you that the time for you to come out is now.

This month I determine as more than enough, that you need to receive more breakthroughs than ever before. Your need not pass this month weeping, it must cease; it must come to a location where by you will say it has ended.

Many years ago in the bible people came from afar to bless the little baby Jesus in the manger, prepare yourself this month and be a blessing unto God, don’t be a curse, don’t be a complainer, don’t be somebody who is unwilling to do the work of God.

Open your hand and begin to bless people, bless orphanages, bless missionaries, bless pastors, and bless people, and bless the work of God to cause the work of God to flourish all the more and you will see that with the little you have, do something, with the many you have, do something.

According to the book of Mathew 25, the bible says as much you give much is required, as much you receive much is required.

It is my prayer that your hands will not be crippled but rather, I pray that you stretch out your hands so that at the end of the day you will locate where God has put you.

May you shine and may you bright! Arise and shine because your light has come! This is the time; do, because the people in Egypt realized that if they were to still be there their lives will have no impact so they had to be in conjunction with God.

May you be in conjunction with God and your life will never be the same. God richly bless you! Keep reading more of my messages and your life will never ever be the same.

If you want to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour just say this prayer with me Lord Jesus,

‘’I am a great sinner, I have sinned for many years but today I repent, and I repent fully.

I want to be fulfilled for you alone, thank you Jesus for dying on the cross to wash away my sins and for saving me now, in Jesus’ name. Amen.’’

Brethren, as you have said this prayer, find a bible-believing church to attend in order to grow more in your Christian life. According to the book of Corinthians which says as you are a born again, you need to renew your mind.

You need to stick your mind on godly things only; you need to stick your mind on things of God.

Do not behave the same as you were, the old things are passed and gone the new things have come.

God bless you! Stay blessed!

Take note: your seed-sowing can unlock heaven and can open heaven.

What do I mean by this? I mean that you can open blessings into your life and you can close the gates of blessings in your life.

Watching the actual men of God today, the secrets of each is based on biblical way of giving as a covenant with God.

why don’t you practice some today by sowing a seed of covenant with God continually in each month for about one year and turn that condition for the better in the midst of nothing?

This is because; every assignment given by God to our lives is an opportunity of using it to release blessings into our lives or ministries, businesses, marriages, school/education. Etc.

Until you know what you are to do, you cannot achieve your goal in life.

I became more blessed when God located to me my assignment and through practicing it, I then got to the center of my main blessings in ministry.

God opened my eye from the book of Job 42:8, 9 ‘’therefore, take unto you now seven bullocks and seven ram, and go to my servant job and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept: lest I deal with you after your folly, in that ye have not spoken of me the thing which is right like my servant job.

So Eliphaz the Temanite and Shuhite and Zophar the Naamanthite went and did according as the Lord commanded them: the Lord also accepted Job.’’

Most people refuse to be part takers of these principles and the way of a covenant-seed with God.

It is now the time to take your difficulties, your burdens, your challenges, your problems, as a seed in your hand; note that any time you have a problem, ask yourself what do I have in my hand to use it to solve the problem?

Every problem is a seed, even if it seems you don’t have a seed you have a seed.

The fastest way to solve each problem in this world is to have a seed. God started with a seed in the bible and ended with a seed.

Every farmer without a seed is not a good farmer, whether you are about to start or not; this is because, it is your seed that will show whether you are a good farmer or not.

Let’s get back to God whom we are following as an example in the biblical point of view.

He had no seed to sow than to use Jesus as a seed for the whole world to enjoy.

Let’s assume that God said it’s only Jesus and He loves Him so much so there was no way of using Him as a covenant seed, what do you think would have happened to us?

Now let’s get to Abraham, do you know that Abraham practiced the same thing? And why was it that God did not ask him to sow a covenant-seed with Ishmael but Isaac?

When was the last time you sowed a covenant seed with your last?

Most people as Christians, all they need is prayer, and there are some problems which don’t match with prayer like the statement above.

All that is to be done is to make a covenant with God for God to act, they have prayed and did all that they could do, but they had to move to go and see God’s servant with their covenant.

The other time, I said to the church, have they ever seen a baby giving out a gift before?

They said no, and I asked them why, their answers were that because it’s a baby.

I also came out and said the same thing applies to Christian -Dom today, until you are mature in your Christian life, you will behave like this baby who doesn’t know how to give or sow a seed.

To clear somebody’s mind, in the book of first Corinthians 13:11, the bible says ‘’ when I was a child, I spoke like a child, I understood as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.’’

Leave your baby stage and move onto maturity, the stage of being a baby may kill you.

There are some seeds that can transform your life forever, I want to put in your mind, since the bible says ‘’seed time cannot cease’’

As well as the harvest time, the more seeds you put on the ground, the more harvest you will have.

Most people God honors best in His kingdom are the people who are with His covenant seed, because they are the people within His kingdom now.

The kingdom of God is based on covenant-seed makers.

There were women in the bible who sowed covenant-seed into a whole-Jesus’ ministry in the book of Luke chapter 8, why don’t you do the same?

Even a woman with her last supper offered it to God’s servant Elijah to eat, what happened? The economy within 24 hrs changed.

Assuming that this woman refused, what do you think would have happened to her? She would have died.

That is why we have a lot of dying Christians with their sicknesses, diseases, challenges;

They are dying in ministries, marriages, and business. Etc.

Most are complaining bitterly in life because they can’t do what God said as a sign of obedience to bring them out of their situations.

To sum up, go to the book of acts 9, where the name of Dorcas was changed to Tabitha; it was due to her covenant-seed with God.

It is not always about prayer and fasting, the same thing applied to Cornelius in the book of acts 10.

Covenant-seed is changing lives and names, I made a statement about Abraham, it is through his covenant-seed with God, and God had to change things around him.

Now listen! If you want to practice the same thing, top your covenant-seed with God to stay alive with this great man of God.

The conditions around you will never ever be the same that is what the Lord is telling me, this is the secret of my ministry-sowing seed!

Most at times, I sow seed as covenant into many ministries that are doing the work of God.

It is my prayer that you will hold this mantle to cut across; start this month with nothing/this covenant-seed with God and your condition, your situation will never ever be the same.

Thousands of people did this into my ministry and the testimony is amazing, ministers, and general people all over the world.

One testimony that came from London today, there was a family that seemed to have a death-row in the family, finally it got to one person and I reminded her that it is through her covenant with God that has kept her.

Everyone in her family died, she admitted that it was true and that she was never going to stop sowing seed.

Same testimonies from all over the world, why don’t you join the heroes of destiny through covenant seed with God and your condition will never stay the same, I wish to hear from you not to just call but to pray or ask for your name to put in that monthly based on covenant-seed with God.

From there you enter into kingdom life insurance for God to ensure your life! You need to grow from stages to stages!

The testimonies are many, practice yours today, I know about thousands of people that never call me but sow seeds and that alone is enough for them.

To end it, we have a lot of people in the world who think everything is all about ‘’pray-for-me’’ the bible says obedience is better than sacrifice.

Our obedience is better than any other thing we do on earth.

What you are not doing, others are doing to be free, when you go through the book of Luke 8 concerning the seed-sowers in Jesus’ ministry- they never requested for prayers but were ok.

Your problem will be solved if you know what to do.

Use your eye to watch outside God’s word, you will realize that worldly people are supporting the kingdom of Satan than Christians that is why more people are in the world today.

So if you are a Christian and a miser it will affect the kingdom of God but God will return it back to you and you will rather suffer;

That is why a lot of Christians are suffering although they pray, one time in the bible, a lot of people were praying and God told them that their prayers were empty before Him.

Sometimes people will say prayers work at all times, it is true but sometimes it is not true.

I prophesy upon your life that you will grow from levels to levels in your way of seed-sowing as the bible calls it ‘’sacrifices’’.

That alone can turn your whole life, let your sacrifices be more than prayers, I am a man of prayer, but remember there is time for everything according to the book of Eccle 3.

If you disobey God, will He answer your prayers? No, do the right things before you pray! Prayer and the word of God moves together.

More will be coming soon, stay blessed and contact these numbers to join the team this month.
Tel: +233303930762
Email: powerlifepropheticministries@yahoo.com
P. O. Box: DC 936, Dansoman, Accra,
Ghana, West Africa.

You can also send it through western union or money gram by using this name Paul Johnson Asamoah. Or you can request for church account number.
In Africa, we don’t use pen pals as others requested.

Thank you for your obedience! It is through this that we use to enhance the kingdom of God.

In this world if you see someone doing the right thing the kingdom of God leads that person to one stage to the other.
A certain woman came to the church with a problem about her child and God, through Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah has caused a tremendous change in the woman’s daughter’s life.

The woman who was brought to the church by her sister in-law explained that a stranger who was passing by had an encounter with her child and ever since then her daughter had been behaving abnormally.

The little child’s speech became distorted,-could not speak clearly again, the child could not walk and sleep well and many other unusual things were happening to her.

So as a mother who loves a child, the mother of this little girl tried to seek help. She went from one hospital to the other, from one church to the other; she also went to prayer camps but to no avail.

By the grace of God, through her in-law, she was brought to Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah; she came all the way from Tarkwa to Kuwait, Kasoa-Accra, where the pastor dwells

As soon as they met the pastor, God used Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah; He opened His eyes and told her the hidden secret behind the situation.

Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah prayed for the woman and her daughter, gave them prophetic direction as instructed by God, she obeyed God and did as she was told.

The next day, the woman and her sister in-law came to the church to say that the child can now speak, sleep well and is now showing normal behavior and even at that moment the child was sleeping.

Glory be to God!
This is what the Lord is doing through Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah, you are always welcome!

Jesus Is the Answer to All
Church weekly activities

I would like to use this opportunity to humbly ask for a hand in helping the kids in my school; most find it hard to pay for certain things like feeding fees, food, school fees as well as their personal needs. Therefore if it touches your heart to donate to sponsor a child today, please do and God will richly bless you! And for the notice, if anyone wishes to come to Africa to be a blessing upon any of these kids, in terms of provision of food, clothing or any other resourceful materials you are warmly welcome. These kids really need so much support in almost anything you can provide. God richly bless you!

I would also like to use this opportunity to share a testimony about what happened just last Saturday.

I was at one of my branches at Mamprobi; we had a very great time. Glory and honour unto God! I’d like to bring to your notice what occurred. An AIDS patient came to me for direction, that was last year (her husband also infected) this caused fear to reign amongst their family but after they followed my direction, God intervened and today by the grace of God their report has changed to negative.

I was having a program this year, and I gave another direction concerning sowing a seed and writing your name/ what you want God to do on the seed. The woman did it, she had also wanted twins- a girl and a boy and all came to pass within this year (there has been a confirmation).

Let me take this moment to advice somebody, you can also reach God’s servant Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah.
You can also practice the same thing and whatever be your condition or situation, the same anointing can excel upon your life for you to come to your normal stage in life.

If you want to send your seed, quickly look to the provided address below or call me on this line: +233303930762, for me to declare a prophetic word upon your seed donation for you to have answers.
It is possible for with God all things are possible. For the testimonies are more and I will be giving you more but for now this is what I have for you. This is because thousands of people all over the world are been blessed by what God is using His servant in doing. Glory and honour to God! if you have revealed yourself to God, God will reveal Himself to you.

I don’t know why others are struggling in life; struggling is not part of the life of a mature Christian. To follow some principles in the kingdom of God, you will be free from all, I have seen people with nothing and full of problems and difficulties but today they are out of it. I wish the same for you!

To end, I’d like to this opportunity once again to announce our annual program which is coming up on the 28th to 31 watch-night service.

The main aim of the program is prophetic invitation into 2014, I am welcoming you to come and your coming will be an investment into many generations ahead, you will be locked with an unfold and untold package of blessings from above that you have never experienced before in Jesus’ name.

Come and claim your prophetic direction for 2014, in your ministry, life, business, marriage and so forth. Stay blessed!

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