THE ANOINTING TO SOLVE PROBLEMS: by apostle paul Johnson asamoah
When talking about anointing to solve problems, it is my prayer that anyone reading this message will be a problem solver. Talking about anointing to solve problems, I’m going to define it using this illustration: A Doctor solves a doctor’s problem
A mechanic solves a mechanic’s problem
A lawyer solves a lawyer’s problem
A businessman solves business problems
A negative person solves negative problems
A positive person solves positive problems and
A leader solves problems he has been assigned to.
Now let’s break this down, we have immature things and mature things, babies cannot solve problems even though they are humans. Answer this question, what problem have you not been able to solve? The reason is because you are not mature, I haven’t seen or heard of anyone who plants a corn and expects it to mature within a short time! The reason why you can’t solve that problem is because you are a baby in what you are doing or encountering, it could be leadership, being a doctor, a mechanic or any other office you find yourself in. if you can’t solve your own marital problem, how then do you intend on solving others, you can’t solve any problem at all, the best problem solver is our God! Philippians 4:13 says ‘’I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’’ the phrase ‘’I can do’’ means you have been mandated by the kind of anointing to be able to function in any problem/challenge. Let me ask you a question; is there a problem in this world that Christ cannot solve? Is the answer no? Then may you realize that the anointing to solve problems is in the hands of this man-Christ (anointed one), with God all things are possible! I would like someone reading this message to say ‘’with God all things are possible’’ keep saying this, say it 50 times a day if you can, why?! You are not on earth not to solve problems, everywhere God puts you, you will find a problem there waiting for you, that problem isn’t there for anyone else but you. There is nothing like complaining in serving God. It is better you remove the ‘’com’’ from the word ‘’complain’’, by so doing, you won’t be controlled in anyway by any situation! Hallelujah! Instead of you to complain, be plain, allow yourself, then you may have the anointing to solve problems. Everywhere God puts you, He expects you to come out with something. Let me ask you this do you know that in the book of Joshua 10:12, the bible says Joshua commanded the sun to stand still and it did happen, why so? This man was a problem solver all because of God’s anointing on him. The people who have been able to solve problems are not mere people, God has given unto them the wisdom on how to solve problems upon problems, it is my prayer that God will also give you the spirit of that anointing so that all your complaints will come to an end! Paul in the bible said in 1corinthians 13:11, he said, ’’ When I was a child, I spoke like a child, when I became a mature person I spoke like a mature person’’ this means until you are mature you can’t solve certain problems.
There are levels of anointing. I came up with a song last time, it goes like this ‘’God use me, I am for you’’ God must use you to solve problems because it takes only God to solve problems. Why do doctors, juju men, lawyers call upon God when they are going down, see Jonah, he needed God to give him a way out of the fish’s belly, for 3 days he was attending a university course in the belly of the fish on how to solve that problem, he was thought by the anointing-to-solve-problems. You need God to solve problems for you! Even before coming out with this book, I had to go before God, singing, meditating, praying to God to enlighten me come out with a great book in order to solve multiples of problems out there, that is why if you are a pastor or a man of God, lawyers will come to you to solve problems for them and all you need is the anointing. Would you say to them ‘’I have never been in such a condition before so I can’t solve it’’? We are commissioned to solve problems, it only works when we are mature in Christ , Jesus Christ, when on earth, did not give excuses when he encountered problems for He is a problem solver! The same way we are not to give excuses as to why we are unable to solve problems. People like Daniel was able to solve a problem and became a great person, same thing with Shadrach, meshack and Abednego, during their time, they founded themselves in very critical situation but succeeded in solving it because of God’s anointing on them. In Isaiah 11:2, the bible says the spirit of the lord shall be with him, the spirit of knowledge shall be with him, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel and might and the spirit of the fear of God’’, when talking of this , you must have spirit of craftsmanship or moral sense in order to be a problem solver, you have to be skillful, you must be spiritually united to God and have all the source from God because of your daily life with him, therefore one is exhorted to make the starting point in any quest for wisdom and to seek above all else if he will live successfully. Now from this message where do you see yourself, because everything is in Christ and we are free to use it. I thank God so far for my life, I haven’t encountered any problem that I haven’t been able to solve, it is not me, it is God! Joseph did the same, the bible says he became the overall caretaker of all Egyptians all though he had come from a poor family, now is the time for us to reach out to solve problems , may you start from now to solve unsolved problems! Pass everyday, where you used to stay. Moses solved a problem, so should you, Mary (Jesus’ mother) helped solve a puzzle for the whole world, what about you? What is inside you and yet not out? We sometimes can’t solve even smaller problems how much bigger ones? We need the anointing, now! May you be a problem solver wherever you are! I prophecy that may you be a problem solver before the ending of this year in Jesus’ name, receive it in good faith! May you live to solve all kinds of problems, don’t say ‘’my problem is to solve my marital problem’’, you are a baby! Aim high! Aim at solver bigger, bigger, bigger problem; you are to go beyond that, you are a problem solver in Jesus’ name!!!! Assuming you put $100 billion in mind and act towards it and all the problems you solve will be up to that, the anointing of God won’t be below or above what He wants to give you. Be ready in and out of season!! Study the problems solved by many men of God in the bible, even all the disciples of Jesus solved other problems, they reached to all that is why we need to follow their steps. Even being a president, you cannot solve the problems of your country alone, you need anointing, you are a problem solver! May the lord put you in a place where you can understand that you can solve more than you think you can. You will find more of this message in my book ‘’anointing-to solve-problem’’ may the lord grant you the spirit of anointing to solve problems in the name of the father, of the son, and of the Holy Spirit. If you are not saved, kindly say this prayer,’’ dear God, I have now offered my life to you, I believe you came on earth to die for my sins, I pray for the spirit of anointing-to solve –problems to be able to solve problems today for your glory and to help achieve your good purpose on earth. Amen’’

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