Who is a problem solver? Ask yourself who a problem solver is? I believe this question will go far along with you to be a word-thinker, quick thinkers are world solvers- people who solve problems in the world, long thinkers are those who cannot solve problems, they delay but it doesn’t work this way, in order for you to be able to solve a problem, you must have a creative mind, creative thought, creative behavior. The power to solve problems is not in the hands of man, but rather in the hands of the almighty God, everything you have in this world can leave you, it can go or come depending on how you deal with it. In order for you to solve problems, you need to have the mind of Christ-God’s mindset, God being the center of that condition, from the book of Gen 1:1-3, the first principle to solve problems start from here, let us read these verses and see how God create and solve problems here, the bible says God created Heaven and Earth in verse one, verse 2 –problem came, God did not go out to call anyone to solve that problem, the bible says, the earth was formless, empty, and darkness was all over the surface of the earth, God did something by not leaving it that way for even a day, there is nowhere in the bible that says God thought. Some of us , if we have a problem in our ministries, business, our personal life, we want the whole world to know, we want friends, people around us to know, this is by putting God aside, we are not solid in His Rhema word. After this chapter of my book, you will deep yourself in solving problems, make sure you get these books I wrote about solving problems, all your problems will be solved if you apply the principles in the book. Was there any problem Jesus couldn’t solve when on earth? Do you know that in this world you can either give yourself problems or solve problems due to the way you do your things, think or act. The bible says in the book of Prov 7:23 b ‘’ as a man thinketh so is he’’, you have to be a positive thinker in order to solve problems, God’s mind is always positive, before God started solving problems during day 1, 2,3…. It did not happen automatically but when the spirit of God took control over the whole problem. Have you ever solved any problem in your life? Do so, and then you can reach to others. The bible says to remove that obstacle from your life before you can remove other’s , Matt 7:3 ‘’ why do you look at the speck of saw dust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye’’, what does that mean? You are having a problem in your life, you can’t solve it, you are always struggling with it yet trying to solve someone else’s problem, what will you tell the person? You are like a woman who gave birth to a baby and needed someone who had no child to breastfeed her baby, can it ever work? What do you think will happen to the baby? Gen 1:1 and vrs 3, and God said ‘’let there be light and there was light’’ you must bring God in any problem you are facing for God must be the center of your personal life, to guide you according to Prov 16:3, commit that thing unto the Lord and thy plans will succeed- that thing could be anything at all. Any time you have a problem, remember from the book of Genesis that God Himself after creating the Heaven and the earth, he realized things weren’t good so he solved all those problems, verse 4 says God saw that the light was good and He separated the light from the darkness, God was able to identify the problem enough to solve it, for as soon as He commanded the light to come, there was light but yet still there was darkness, will you be able to identify your problems? Every problem has a light, meaning there is a solution to it, more like a teacher giving questions-there is no question without an answer, the students may say it is difficult, but remember it was set by someone and that fellow has answers to that, the same way your creator who created you and everything has answers to all your problems. The level of your understanding the things of God depends on the number of problems you will solve within this world, remember Peter got so close to Jesus that all problems in his life were solved, ‘’all’’ not some, as well as Joshua, Moses, David- a man after God’s own heart, Daniel, Joseph-from the pit to the palace, even in the midst of this he did not sin, some people create more problems for themselves in the midst of their already unsolved problems, may you be able to solve problems. God has now put a man in the Garden of Eden, Gen 2:15 ‘’ the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and take care of it’’ God knows you can take care of that garden-that garden could be your marriage, business etc. in normal understanding a garden is full of vegetables and other food stuff, tomato per se has its own problems, you are to study them enough to be able take good care of them, let’s assume you left your problem to someone who is unable to solve that problem, what will happen, that person will even create more problems for you, may you be able to solve problems for you have been given the power, the mandate to do so. Do you know one day, snake could enter into your garden without you knowing, or anything could germinate in your garden? Relate this to your business, marriage or ministry, in Gen 1, the bible says God created Heaven and earth, next day, something happened, like someone who just got married but unable to bear children, or someone gave birth to a beautiful baby who can’t talk, a ministry that cannot grow, someone with a lot of members in his church but do not know how to handle them. There are many problems ruling this world, the bible says in the book of Gen 1:26/27, ‘’then God said, let us make a man in our own image, in our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground’’ 27 ‘’so God created man in His own image, in the image of God, He created, him, male and female he created them.’’ 28 ‘’ God blessed them and said to them, be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it, rule over the fishes of the sea and the birds of the air and over ever living creature that moves on the ground.’’ Reminding you again in verse 29 ‘’ and God said , ‘I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it, they will be yours for food’ ‘’. If you are to think shortly about this passage from verse 26 down to 29, you will realize all solutions are here, now let us go through what it means in accordance to what goes on in the world, God said ‘’let us make a man in our image’’ , you have to see yourself as an image of God and in his likeness to be able to rule over everything or problems on this earth, over everybody , everything God has created because He said ‘’over all things’’, you need to have the mind of God for you to be able to solve problems because you are God’s image, why being like-minded? The Lord said, ‘’let us make man in our image’’ you see God the father, son and of the Holy spirit in the book of Genesis, even within God himself there is unity-a developer, have you ever developed your relationship with God, if not? You can’t solve any problem, that is why I pray that God will help you to read much more about my books or, materials, audios, etc. it is my prayer that you get one of my books inspired by the Holy Spirit and your life will never ever be the same on earth, being a problem-solver doesn’t make me a professor in the university, doesn’t mean I have thousands of degrees in my drawer, it was not stated in any of the verses, the bible says, these three friends of Daniel and Daniel himself, God was the one who increased them in knowledge and all skills, Dan 1:17 ‘’to these four young men, God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds…’’ I want to remind somebody out there who has been struggling for long, remember that God was the one who gave the knowledge, understanding to these young men concerning EVERY problem in this world, and even Daniel was able to have insight and foresight, because these people fully depended on God for everything, Go Back to Gen1 vrs 27,28 and 29, so God created man in His own image , remember you are not of your own image alone, not the symbol of your family, tribe, or nationality but rather you are an IMAGE of God, and wherever you are, you are there as God’s representative to show, present the image of God, his word, His BEHAVIOUR, who is leading you to solve the problem? Jesus had been in the grave, wilderness, cross, this world, nothing happened to Him- even as 100% human, 100% God, don’t tell me ‘’I’m flesh and blood’’, a woman who anointed Jesus- a whole God, was a human! John the Baptist baptized Jesus, the image is confirmed here, we are working together to complete the task/work that has been assigned to us that is why as soon as we were created God rested, this is because we are to take charge-in charge to solve problems. I met a policeman one time, and preached to them and after ministrations, they came to me one after the other and one of them said, ‘’Apostle, my problem is I can’t sleep, whenever I try to sleep I get nightmares’’ and I asked him ‘’why can’t you use your gun to shoot them’’ he kept staring at me……and shook his head and said it was impossible, the battle is not about physical things, every problem occurs first in the spiritual realm, Benny Hinn quoted a certain man of God’s word ‘’start dealing with your problem before it comes out’’ you should start working on it before it comes out, prayer is needed in this, don’t wait till problems arrive, master yourself before you face it, a slim person and a fat person who can carry the other? Prepare yourself! People are wasting time, going to places, being told ‘’go and come’’ , they have nothing to offer, they only give excuses, problems solvers solve problems within a twinkle of an eye, God is not a go-and-come God, if you want to be a pastor of 10 thousand congregation, start now! Start with the hundred congregations, be smart! Smart people are ruling the world today, our God is smart, and you have to be smart! God said ‘’let there be light’’ it didn’t take a sec for it to appear. Last time when ministering to doctors (some in London by God’s grace) I asked them a question and none of them where able to answer me, why was it so? they didn’t have a quick mind, their mind were elsewhere, there were many of them encountering problems but God used me to solve their problems, glory be to God! One doctor said in her family when almost 40 years , you die, and the Lord used me to solve her problem and today she is over 50 years, glory and honour to God! Once upon a time was a man whose name was Moses, took people from Egypt to Canaan, they came across a sea and they thought they would die since their enemies were chasing them, what did Moses do? He called on God, and the problem was solved, most at time, we call on God only when we encounter a problem, this is because our relationship with Him is very poor and that is why we can’t solve problems, you have to maintain your relationship with God! If you need something before you go to someone how do you think you will be given what you want, same applies with God, maintain a good relationship with God and how, Mark 1, how Jesus made a good relationship with God by going to Him every day, some go to God seven times before the day ends, can you do that? It was Daniel’s relationship with God that caused him to be thrown into the lion’s den; the same God had to deliver him, Hallelujah! If you have a bad relationship with God, you will find it hard to solve problems. In Gen, God was the one who created man and woman, he created you, it wasn’t Mohammed who created you nor Mallam, nor Mary, nor juju man. Last time, I was passing by a mosque and I saw a book written ‘’Jesus is not God’’, But I am telling you today Jesus is God, don’t be deceived, follow God. That is why it is good to know where you stand, vrs 28 said God blessed them, you are blessed! We are blessed with solutions, we are blessed with everything, God said to them, ‘’be fruitful and increase…’’ all the time you see age going up, you don’t see that people are decreasing, don’t expect there won’t be a problem, you get your wisdom from God, why do we pray ‘’deliver us from evil’’ it takes only God to deliver us. Babies don’t just stand up and walk they go through some stages, so should you. If you know how to solve mechanical problems, it will be some not all, example; Toyota, TV, or fridge mechanic, let say you are a Toyota mechanic, is it the old Toyota or the new one, if someone is a Toyota mechanic, ask him ’’how many years have you worked on Toyotas’’ , he/she can be a baby mechanic or mature mechanic, ask him how many devices has he been able to work on, a preacher without God’s word in him gives headache because there is nothing good coming from what he is saying, a problem solver must be a controller of God’s word. Vrs 29 ‘’ I give you every seed bearing plant…’’ we have every seed to solve problems in us, problems are like seeds as well as its solutions, everyone has both negative and positive side, have you been in the home of dogs before? God didn’t create us like dogs, from the time God created us, he has been our helper and our provider as He provided for his people in the bible e.g. Abraham, I can’t talk about problem solvers in the bible without mentioning Solomon, in Isaiah 11:2. And every tree that has fruit with seed in it, we are that tree, meaning everything is in us to use to solve our problems so we do not need to complain, the reason why God can solve our problems is because no one can solve His problems but He can solve ours, there is no one like our God. The more solution you give to people, the more you eat, the more you enjoy , in Isaiah 1:19 ‘’if you are willing and obedient you will eat the best from the land’’ if you are obedient to God’s word, you will eat everything that is good from Him. Psalm 104:14 ‘’He makes grass grow for the cattle and plants for man to cultivate, bringing forth food from the ground’’ this means in order for anything to work for you, you have to depend on God, look to the lifestyle of Job, Job28:5 ‘’ the earth from which food comes is transformed below as by fire’’ you could see that where the food was coming from, fire was also coming from there, the more church members, the more problems, the more the companies, the more the problems, the more the problem , the more the solution! If God gave you the whole world, then you are to solve the problems of the whole world, but don’t forget this, know what type of problem you have been called to solve, else you will mess up. There are some people that God has put them in a place to solve those problems, God won’t give you more than what you can handle, remember we have farmers, doctors, all manner of people in many areas, that does not mean if you are a Doctor in Africa, you are a doctor everywhere, but where God says you should solve problems. Is it in the office, church administrations, business or general? You are to know so that you don’t mess up like someone said….’’a doctor needs a doctor, a pastor needs a pastor……’’ sometimes it works, at times it doesn’t, it only works when God is leading you, It doesn’t matter who you are, fire is fire-it can burn you! Anytime you see fire coming from a place you should know there may be a good thing coming from there, don’t always run when you see a fire. There is no fire without food, according to Job, how do you cook? Do you use fire? Let say you are afraid of electricity will you have light? Or afraid of fire will you cook? So if you are afraid of problem, you will never have solutions to it, one needs God! Every lazy person will tell you there is a lion on the way, always giving an excuse, always procrastinating, we have someone like Anthophe who used the mind of God to solve problems for kings, and it came to a time that he run away from the counsel of God and David took it and said ‘’may the counsel of Anthophe be put to nothing’’ and it did happen, since then his counsel doesn’t work anymore, the bible says where there is no counsel of God, all of them face everlasting problems, why do you take things to people to repair? Know where to take your problems to when it comes, maintaining your relationship with the right people will help you solve problems. God richly bless you for taking time to go through this message, if you have never accepted Christ as your personal savior, say this prayer ‘’Lord Jesus, forgive me for my sins and become my saviour, thank you for dying for me and cleansing me with your blood from all negativity, thank you for saving me’’ amen.
Reach Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah for any kind of direction and begin to finance God’s ministry if you are not for His ministry isn’t for Africa but to everyone, even Jesus called for HELP in the book of Luke 8:1,2,3 , Matt 27:55,56, Matt 14:1, these people did what I call kingdom life insurance in the ministry of Jesus Christ, this is the time to join the kingdom life insurance, if you want to join this family please assign, call or send a message, those who have joined-their life have never been the same, God bless you, I love you but Jesus’ love for you is far beyond mine, stay blessed!
Power Life Prophetic Ministries
Post Office Box Dc 936
Dansoman Market, Accra Ghana West Africa.
Tel: 233244657468

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