VERSE TO MEMORIZE: "For the Lord knows the way of the righteous. But the way of the ungodly shall perrish" -Psalm 1:6

Biblical Lecture: 1 Samuel 4:10-18

Development of the Lesson

1. You can choose the path you wish to follow

Eli the priest's sons had the privilege of being warned by God Himself about their poor conduct, and were given the opportunity to change it. Unfortunately they chose the evil path provoking the wrath of God (1 Samuel 3:11-15). These men didn't want to listen to their father's advice; he asked them to change their attitudes and to live according to what God had established (1 Samuel 2:22-25). Our parents are not responsible for our behavior; salvation is personal and individual. Each one of us is responsible for our own actions. We have the privilege of deciding what to do with our lives and how to invest our lives. Remember my beloved young Christian that the life you choose to live will always affect not only you but all those who love you, including your family for the better or for the worse. The news of the death of his sons, brought great pain to Eli; to learn what had happened to the ark of God caused him even greater pain, so much so that the impression caused by the news made him stumble and fall so hard that he never got up again. This is a sad ending caused by two rebellious and disobedient sons.

When I first read this part I started thinking about my 2 brothers and how they still haven't accepted the truth for what it is and for what it could do for their life. And then you see that it says that our parents are responsible for our actions and what we decide we want to do with our lives and it's true. I've met so many people that have told me that it's their mom's fault that they are lazy or that they made bad choices in their life. The Bible says "Me and my house will serve the Lord" and then in another verse says "If I am saved my house will be saved" A lot of people misinterpret that verse and say "Well my parents are Christians so I'm safe". Have you ever met people that are like that?? I have and let me tell you it is really embarassing when I hear things like that. When I hear that expression I get so upset and tell them that they can't go along with the ride like that and expect their parents to do all the praying for them. It's like i told my brothers "Mom and dad can pray all they want for you but GOD WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOUR MOUTH!" So many youth say "What's the point of praying if God doesn't hear me?" Well you have to understand that God wants to give you that one on one attention that you want or need from Him but if you don't give yourself to Him how is He supposed to help you? You answer me that. Things will not happen on their own. LIke the title says you can choose how you really want to live. It all depends on you. Don't depend on mom and dad to make every decision for you. You are growing up and that takes a lot of responsibility on your part to trust your judgement. So what you decide to do now will affect you so much later! You have to be careful!

2. Sin brings dire consequences

All types of deceit are used to introduce young people to adventures that are in fact just unrealistic dreams. Many abandon their homes and their studies and become deaf to the advice of their parents teachers and friends in order to involved in acts of rebelliousness that lead only to their own destruction (Proverbs 1:10). The Biblical consequence is clear as daylight: "For the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23, James 5:20). The sons of Eli were judged for their evil actions in the same way others have been exalted for their good deeds. If we are determined to triumph over evil, we can always rely on the help of the Holy Spirit. On the contrary, if we revel against the divine advice we cannot escape the righteous judgement of God.

You will notice that there are always ways for different people to put different ideas into the mids of youth today. There's always the common problems of drug abuse and other things that lead youth to think that money can buy them happiness. I know one person in particular that has it fixed in his head that he has to be rich to be happy. He takes his laptop to church but not his Bible. Imagine that. And he has 5 kids of his own. Now I'm not saying that he's a good parent for doing that but the point that im trying to get at is this, these kids won't know what example to follow and they will always be relying on money to keep themselves happy. Why? Because that's the enviournmet that they've been exposed to. That's the example that their parents have set for them. Now us that have parents that know and live by the Gospel don't have any excuse for disobeying our parents. There are times when we think they are too controlling but you gotta understand they are doing it out of love and not hate. They just want to prevent any mishaps that might come our way and if they do, our parents want to make sure that we are ready for it. So don't take it so much as punishment but counseling. Notice what happens when you sin and notice that you can't hide. You know you can run but can never hide because God knows what you do. And you can't escape. So again be aware of what you're doing and if you aren't sure that's why you ask your parents advice so they can guide you in the right path.

3. Be brave and choose to live as a child of God

My beloved young Christian any act of irreverence provokes the wrath of God. Don't forget that your conduct in or outside of God's house must reflect the testimony of God's grace that has been given to you through Jesus Christ. As a young person you mist be careful not to dishonor God through thoughtless actions (1 Corinthians 11:17-22) Take the time to reflect on this passage which emphasizes reverence to the sacrifice and holiness of God's altar. Our relationship with God and others totally depends on the attitude you and I have when we approach his altar.

This particular bullet point has some facts that are very true! We cannot be hypocritical in our everyday life. Remember that we are trying to win souls for God and we have to act the same in and out of church! People will judge us by our actions and not just our words and not everyone sees it that way. Some people think that they can do or say what they want and not care about anyone's feelings. But YOUTH! YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER!! It's so much harder to try and talk to other non-Christian youth about the word of God. You have to remember that they are watching your every move and you have to be the example for them to see that God does exist. When they see a difference in you then they will be somewhat convinced and thats a start! You have to start somewhere. Let this an energy boost for you and a constant reminder that we can make a difference in the lives of other youth!! We can do this!!! And with God's help we will be VICTORIOUS!!!


It's impossible to blaspheme God's altar and not go unpunished. Our Lord does not tolerate blaspheme and those guilty will be judged severely according to the Holy Scriptures (Lucas 12:10) we are warned that those who play with fire will get burned. And thus, we must be reverent obedient and good listeners of our parent's advice. The tragedy of the sons of Eli is associated with the violence in their lives and the wickedness of their hearts. Let's not forget the old proverb "he who sows wind harvests a storm." Nothing so truthful; therefore, let's accept our responsibility with what we have to forge for the end of our lives.
Don't play games with God. If you want to be a God fearing Christian, you better mean what you say. Don't go back on your word and don't abuse your spiritual freedom. Use it for good and not evil. Remember that you are respomsible for your own decisions and/or mistakes. Honor God in the best way you know how and always seek God for anything you need.


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