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Apostolic Boldness

There is a great increase coming to the apostolic anointing in the
Body of Christ. The key to the release of this anointing upon your
life is real boldness from the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes
into our lives He gives us boldness to speak the Word without the fear
of man. This is a grace from God to be bold in truth, to take a stand
for truth, to stand your ground. -(See Acts 4:31)

An anointing to stand the ground of truth is giving to you by the
Lord. This will help us not to compromise for friendship, or to get
people to like us better, or for the reason we fear man. This is
anointing of apostolic defense coming to the body of Christ, to take
defense for truth. -(1 Pet. 3:15)

In addition, this is an anointing and grace to contend earnestly for
the truth. This anointing will make you diligent in doing this. It is
like you have no fear of man. It is like you don't think of what your
saying. Yes we are to think before we speak. I am talking about an
anointing of boldness and authority to speak and stand for truth. -
(See Jude 3)

Moreover, the Holy Spirit is setting you free from the fear of man.
The more you don't fear man, the more you will preach with apostolic
boldness. And the more you fear man the lest you will preach with
apostolic boldness. Apostolic boldness will change the way you teach,
way you preach, it even change the way you think about certain things.
When this apostolic boldness comes your life changes in many and
certain areas. It is like that you have boldness in everything you do
or think. I personal believe that apostolic boldness is one of the
keys to signs and wonders. -(See 2 Tim. 1:7)

Beside, as you are being set free from the fear of man you will love
people more and better. The fear of man hinders you from walking in
love. You ether love people or you fear people. Once when you are free
from the fear of man you will have boldness to stand for truth, you
will have more love for people, and the fire of God will flow through
you. If you don't love people this could hinder the fire of God from
flowing through you. So we need boldness, love and the fire of God to
be great servants of God. -(See 1 Jn. 4:18)

Also, the Holy Spirit is dealing and setting us free from the spirit
that says please man over God. The please man spirit will no longer
hinder you from the power of God. The more you please God the least
you will please man. The more you please God you will become more
powerful in God, the more you please man the lest you will have power
from God. -(See Eph. 6:6, Col. 3:22)

Now see the keys to signs, wonders and the power of God. Patience,
faith, boldness, love people, the fire of the Lord, and to please God
above man. -(See Acts 3:1-16)

Therefore, you will have boldness when you been with Jesus, you will
have boldness when your filled with the Holy Spirit, and you will have
boldness if you ask the Father to give you boldness to speak His Word.
We are to speak the Word with all boldness. -(See Acts 4:23-31)

However, we must not only have boldness to say the truth. We need
meekness, fear, love, wisdom, and season your speech with grace. -(See
1 Pet. 3:15)

On the contrary, you must know when to speak the truth. You must know
when to stand for the truth; you must know what are the right times
and the right places. You don't want to always go around in apostolic
defense at every time for you could walk from a good defense to a
spirit or an attribute of vengeance. -(1 Tim. 6:12)

Apart from that, there is a cost for standing for truth. I believe
apostolic boldness is coming so we can stand for truth. We have lost
our stand for truth for to long. Once you lose your stand for truth
you hinder the power of God in your life. We must speak the truth even
if people don't like what is being said. If you stand for truth you
will gain everything, if you don't stand for you truth you will lose
everything. Yes there is a cost for truth; in the long run you will
gain all things.

In addition, in America and in other nations the churches have lost
the meaning of truth. We must learn again the art of standing for the
truth so we can see the power of God. There is an evil spirit that is
working in the churches of America it is a religious spirit, this
spirit is keeping us from saying the truth, and it is hinders revival,
and the power of God. It will take truth to set the church of America
free. Not only truth, instead bold truth. We must speak, peach, teach,
and write the truth with boldness.

Moreover, the main ruling spirit over America is humanism, this
spirits works along with the religious spirit in keeping us from the
power of God. It is only by the power of God being poured out upon the
church that we can be free from humanism. We must learn to obey the
Holy Spirit more, learn to follow him more, learn his ways and means
more, instead of our ways.

However, there are those who are like Jonathan who want to be in the
middle of the road, they see the truth, and they see those with the
truth, instead they want to please both sides. This action comes from
the thinking that is giving to them by this religious spirit, if you
are a Jonathan it is time for a change before it is too late.

However, we have to preach the truth by the Spirit. It must be Spirit
and truth, not just truth. The letter kills, and the Spirit give life.
Preaching bold truth must be a leading and a work of the Spirit, not a
work of the flesh.

Apart from that, apostles are called to stand for truth. They are the
gatekeepers and the prophets are the watchmen. We need them both in
this hour and time. Apostles need to stand for truth, if they want to
see the power of God. This apostolic boldness is coming upon the
apostles. The apostles too must pray for boldness to speak the truth.
There is a type of preaching, teaching, and writing that comes along
with apostolic boldness. It is called polemic preaching, which means
an aggressive attack on, or refutation of, and it is the art or
practice of disputation or controversy. This kind of preaching is
warlike and hostile.

Nevertheless, apostles and prophets if you don't take a stand for
truth, if you don't stand against Jezebel and spirits like that; you
will hinder yourself from your authority. And after awhile you will
ether stand for truth or live with those that don't. Then the Lord
will have to rise up others to obey the call to stand for truth. -(See
1 K. 19)

However, people say they want apostles, do they really know what they
are saying. Apostles will come with boldness and polemic preaching.
They will take away your comfort zone and give you God's peace.

Furthermore, when this apostolic boldness comes into your life you
will not fear man, you will not worry what they think about you, you
will not worry if they reject you, you will not worry about what will
happen. You will move in this grace and their will be power, signs,
and wonders from the Holy Spirit in your life that points to Jesus
Christ our Lord.

Apostle Joseph Mihaye K.

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