Birthing your potentials by releasing the Word(Bible) out of wavelength and frequencies of life.

Since potential is unused resources within or scientifically abilities /energy stored within a physical system, It is called potential energy because it has the potential to be converted into other forms of energy,like kinetic energy and to do a WORK in the process. According to Genesis 1:28 Man was given five(5) assignment of work to fulfill on this earth before one died;which are:
1.We must be fruitful- meaning producing
2.We must multiply-meaning increasing in production, from the place of fruitfulness.
3.We must Replenish-meaning out of the increase/multiply , one need to "fill in again". God told Abraham "IN" my blessing will I bless you .Which means Abraham was "IN" the blessing of God already.The word "IN" is a preposition which means being surrounded by something, depending, the purpose of which it was used. Try to watch one of my videos with the theme "UNCOMMON BLESSING"; I did explained it into details because the word " BLESSING" doesn`t refer to material things but God`s Spirit, which He imparted into man to be able to fulfill all the five assignment,which I wrote something about on the front page of OFM-TV.
What most Christians refer to as blessing are all bi-products of blessing.
Proverbs said "It is the blessing of the Lord that make's rich....? That means this blessing was a SEED God invested into man to carried out the assignment. So the seed within Christians are some times not used and this level it is called POTENTIAL.
So one need to move to put such potential into action.
God said "Let there be light". He God discovered what He had created need to bring out some potentials like "Light". That was development within existing seed.
God said again" let the earth bring forth grass etc.." Gen.1:11
All these manifestations are potential releasing or birthing from the Earth.
So you let us use the fruit of cocoa seed as an example.

Out of cocoa we see many manifestation coming out like trees, wood, fruits, economic help, trading, foreign exchange for Ghana as a nation, industrial set -ups, Cream for the body, as cocoa drink, as butter and many more you can make research on that.
Cocoa is now helping the Nation of Ghana because we discovered the potentials deposited within a single seed of cocoa.So you can see that when potentials are not discovered or put into action many will perish.Since seed are the blessings of God, they have no limitation but is man`s faith that limit the flow of God`s purpose.Like the widow, which I have been preaching about on OFM-TV (which the theme is "the sound of abundance of rain")
One secret is that all the beauties we can see on earth such as cars, buildings, mankind, plane, cement, aluminum, gold and all the minerals you can name them, came from the "WOMB OF THE EARTH". So Christians are pregnant with many blessed things within our womb. We actually need prophetic greetings! from God as it took place in Mary`s life to release or birth Jesus through her . Just read Luke 1: 29
Mary never new she carried the Lord of this world until the Angelic visitation with prophetic salutation or greetings. As soon as she experienced the greetings/salutation, she went to Elizabeth's house and as soon as Elisabeth also heard the salutation of Mary, her "BABY IN HER WOMB LEAPED" Luke 1:41
Many are carriers of prophetic pregnancy or dreams but to release them, they need HOLY SPIRIT visitation.
Spiritual potentials only goes into kinetic and work, when the Holy Spirit comes upon us.
The last two are :
4.SUBDUE that is we need to be able to control what ever God gave to us, so that it does not take first place in our life.
5.DOMINION means we must rule.
NB:Frequency is a measure of the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time.
Therefore, WAVELENGTH is the distance between repeating units of propagating wave of a given frequency.
Examples of wave like phenomena are water wave; light and sound waves.
So wavelength is related to frequency; Wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency.
Higher frequencies have shorter wavelength and lower frequencies. Just to make my theme vivid.
Dr.Debrich Jeremiah A.

Another time, we shall move on ...or you can add more to the teachings.

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Comment by Pamela C Holyfield on May 19, 2010 at 7:16am
Being Called From God!

God calls out to us, will we answer him?
Most of us will...Cause he has a purpose for us in this lifetime. To do what he has called us to do...
Many are called but few are chosen! I believe that you and I have been called; We must decide to accept this calling, one God can use in a mighty way!
I know when God calls us to do a thing is for a reason. He is ready to his to give us more portion of his power, refresh us, renew our spirit, to be ready to receive double portions of his anointing upon you and I, even in this hour.
The Bible says; " The yoke shall be destroyed the yoke of bondage to sickness, disease, poverty and lack. " God wants to anoint your eyes with this powerful anointing to see the supernatural, beyound the limitations of fear and lack.
In Revelations 3: 18, Buy of me eyesalve to anoint your eyes that you may see... You may be asking me, how do I buy eyesalve from him? By giving your life 100% to Jesus he said. Mark 10:29...With your
tithes and offerings! Because tithing HONORS GOD! Let's open the windows of Heaven. Proverbs 3: 9
The Lord Jesus said the anointing that he has placed upon me over years through the Holy Spirit and many powerful ministers who have laid hands upon me, I AM TO IMPART INTO YOU.
Some among you right now are anointed with the power of God, for him to use to anoint other's persons for healing, restoration, faith, etc.
I have witnessed the same types of miracles that Jesus performed during his earthly ministry: blind receiving sight, deaf ears hearing, lame walking, incurables cured by the Holy Power and presence of God.
God uses his people to do the works he wishes to be done, by his Power he invests in them to do. God wants us to Witness to other people corner of the earth to the other corner. Who can say, Amen?
The anointing that is among me, to come into your life so that you can operate in supernatural power!
This fresh new anointing upon you is going to change your life and everything around you. God wants you to be Greater Work Person! God said, " I want to fresh, new, double portion anointing that is upon you to come upon you more.
The" mantie" means , calling of God that is upon your life is going to come upon those who choose to be " Chosen of God "!
The word " Mantie " in the original Hebrew is " addereth " and it means: something ample as a garment, glory or as a luxurious outer garment or robe. The Oil Of The Holy Spirit...
Receive the Mandle of Power...
Jesus said; Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and { physical, and mental strength and ability } over all power that the enemy { processes }: and nothing shall in any way harm you." Luke 10:19
God spoke to Elijah and told him to go and anoint kings and prophets ( 1 Kings 19: 15- 17 ). You may recall that's what the prophet SAMUEL did. He anointed Saul to be king over Israel and then David after him. The prophet Nathan anointed Solomon, David's son to be king over Israel in his place.
God said to me, Anoint in my place Kings and Prophet's...
So they can exercise dominion and bring forth this great end time revival of SIGNS, WONDERS, AND MIRACLES OF FAITH AND DIVINE PROSPERITY. Where the wealth of the sinner transferred into the hands of the righteous!
People, let this truth get into the very depths of your heart and soul, the devil does not want money to get into the hands of the believer! Here's why! True believer is a tither and offering giver and through them money comes into the Kingdom of God to propagate the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.
Every time you tithe and give offerings, God rebukes the devil and he has to let go of the things he's been stealing and holding back from you. The devil does not like tithers and offering givers because that is more of the Word going out and chopping him up in little pieces!
This is how the wealth of the sinner is transferred into your hands, that's a hundred fold return.

May this message blesses you and your's in many ways... The KINGDOM OF GOD WILL ALWAYS BE REAL...God is alive, because he lives in our heart's and soul's...

Let me know if you received a blessing from this message...Comment if you care too.
God loves you and so do I!
Praising God on high forever more!

Sister Pamela
Comment by Charlemagne Gbofou on February 11, 2009 at 12:39pm

There are times that things do happen to you to the extent you don't know what to do. But unconsciously and unfortunately , you might find yourself doing what might be undoing you! Therefore, shortly, here are ten things you need to do when you don't know what to do!

1. Stop crying;
2. Stop complaining;
3. Stop speaking the problem;
4. Reason with the Holy Ghost
5. Read books concerning that matter;
6. Seek for advice from people of experience and Spirit;
7. Create an atmosphere for God, throufh praise and worship;
8. Don't be thoughtful, be mentally open to receive answer;
9. Never give up when solution delays to come;
10. Delete negativity from your mouth and your surroundings;
11. Look for somebody to help;
12. Keep on doing the eleven things mentioned above.

Try that and give me a feedback.
May the Lord bless you in Jesus' mighty name!
Comment by Charlemagne Gbofou on February 11, 2009 at 11:38am

There is nothing like "joblessness"! it does not exist! Everything in life works. I don't know where men got that word from (joblessness)! A so called jobless that finds food to eat is not jobless, because he that does not work should not eat, says the Bible. So if you think you are jobless, but you find food to eat, this means you are working without knowing it! You are rendering services without knowing! So consciously, you can create a job for yourself by rendering services. Jobs are unlimited in titles. You can create one. I don't hunt for jobs, but they hunt for me! Joblessness is an illusion! When you wait to be employed you might be wasting your time. Look inward, check inside of you, and you will discover that you can either work for somebody and be paid or create a job for yourself! So get up and start working. Kind regards to all of yours! Fight laziness!
Comment by Peter on October 25, 2008 at 2:01pm
Nous sommes un bateau de sauvetage et non de plaisance; c'est en Christ que nous le sommes et nulle part ailleur, en Jesus Christ seul.Lui seul est notre Rehoboth: espace de prospérité.
Comment by DICKSON WANYONYI on October 21, 2008 at 3:41pm

Here in Kenya in childrens ministry we have problems in financial, food,clothing and teaching materials. We the farming project, we plant things like vegetables that support us in other ways. We don't have enough teaching materials for youths so we pray that God may open the ways for use to get them.
God blessings.
Comment by DICKSON WANYONYI on October 21, 2008 at 3:15pm
I greet you in Jesus name,I am Dickson Wanyonyi and I am ready to do the work of God in China.I have decided to to do the work of God and I ca'nt fear anything that come on the way because that is what we have been called to do .So if I get the fair/transport that can help me to come from Kenya to China then I am ready for that. The work of God we need not to fear regardless on where you are going even if there is danger. So Am ready even to teach the work of God to those who non-christians i.e when God send Moses to go and rescue the children of Israel, it was hard but through God, it was possible,Because God is the one who gave him courage and led him. So am ready to preach the word of God provided I get the fair that can transport me .May God continue to open the ways for OFM TV to help those who are unable,
May God bless you abundantly,
Comment by pastor idohou roland on October 7, 2008 at 7:29pm
we thank God for is mercy in your life and praize unto is name


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