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The City of The Apostles part one

In a vision I see angels come before us, stand before us, and speaking
unto us, these angels say we have come with visions from our Lord In
the Third Heaven. I see these angel wings were likeness as a rainbow,
and there bodies were bodies of light. As these angels fly you see an
rainbow around each angel, and when they stood before us, they cover
them self with their wings in the likeness of a rainbow, and when they
speak they open their wings and we could see the light of their
bodies. When they fly you see rainbows around each of them, and a
flash of light between each rainbow.

Upon there chest was the Image of Christ, which is a image of gold
that was a water of gold flowed from them when they spoke their words
under the authority of the Lord of Hosts, who is Jesus Christ our
Lord. When they speak in the background you heard the voices of many
angels singing songs of worship.

In their right hands were a staff and in other hands were a rod. I ask
what is your name, and these angels said we have no name. There is
only one name above all other names in Heaven, and there is only one
name that above all names in the Earth, that is the name of Jesus.

These angels don’t come alone, they come in a company of angels, and
this company of angels doesn’t come along, there are other angels that
come with them.

These angels begun to speak in visions:

The Revelation of the Church, the Revelation of the Kingdom of God,
the Revelation of the City Church, and the Revelation of the future of
the Church the Lord has laid upon your heart to believe and move forth
in the anointing of these Revelations.

It is time to gather the apostles around the heart of the Father and
the Mind of Christ, for there is only one heart and one mind. It is
time to gather the prophets around the heart of the Father and the
Mind of Christ that the apostles and prophets then can gather the
saints around the heart of the Father and the Mind of Christ.

From these gatherings of Heart of the Father and of the Mind of Christ
came a pillar of clouds and fires, and from this signs and wonders
poured upon these divine gatherings.

Now I see a vision of divine cities are around the world. These are
the cities of the Apostles. A city of the Apostles is a city of the
open door, a city where a group of apostles live and their home is,
and where the saints walk in the teachings and fellowship of the

I see a vision of angels called the angels of the city of the
apostles, there are many cities of the apostles, but there is only one
city of the apostles in these divine cities around the world. These
angels went to these cities and to the city of the apostles, and they
begun to blow a holy trumpet, there was only one trumpet that these
angels blow, and hear the calling of the apostles to these cities and
to this city. This was the trumpet of the church.

The Lord will build a stronghold in these divine cities around the
world. It will be a stronghold of unity, revelation, prophecy, signs,
anointings, wealth, grace, and the apostles.

These divine cities will be centers for the apostles, the church, and
the Kingdom of God. And the Holy Spirit, and movements of God.

The City of the Apostles is the city of God, is the church, and is the
city church in every city.

Now I see angels fly to many cities around the world, and they all
blow the same trumpet, this was the trumpet of the Kingdom. There are
other kinds of trumpets, but there are only two trumpets that He will
guide His people, one of the trumpets are for of the Church, and the
other is the trumpet of the Kingdom.

Now I see a vision of a cloud that is coming it is the cloud of the
signs of apostle, this is the anointing that will always be with the
apostles, this anointing and grace is coming, this anointing and grace
is a river of the Spirit in their lives, and it is coming. And from
this cloud came many clouds, however this cloud resting upon these
divine cities.

Now I see a vision of this hovering fire that is coming, this hovering
fire is coming upon the saints in these divine cities. From this
hovering fire came many hovering fires. However, this hovering fire
rested upon these divine cities.

Now I see a vision of a pillar of cloud come to these divine cities,
and this cloud rested upon these cities, this cloud is the cloud of
restring glory that is coming. And from this cloud came many clouds.
Now I see a vision of a pillar of fire coming to these divine cities
around the world. This pillar of fire rested upon these divine cities,
this is the outreach of movements of the Spirit, and from this pillar
of fire came many pillars of fire.

Now I see an angel called the angel of the signs of apostles, he is
coming to these divine cities to laid upon the apostles who are coming
the signs of an apostle, he will release the signs of the apostles in
these divine cities and in the church around the world.

Now I see a vision of a faithful watchman, a faithful prophet standing
at the gate of these divine cities, he has prophecy, and prayed for
years waiting for the time of the coming of the apostles to these
divine cities.

Now the Holy Spirit says do you want your city to be a city of the
apostles, begun to pray for apostles, pray for prophets, pray for
apostles, begun to hear the prophets, begin to listen to the apostles,
begin to pray for your city.

However, not all cities will be cities of the apostles, but your city
can have an apostle or two. Your city can have the apostolic city
church, your city can have the Kingdom of God, and your city can have
a marketplace company, and your city can have revival, and you can
have revival too.

Apostle Joseph Mihaye K.

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