Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over (PSALMS 23:5).
We have all read the 23rd numbers of PSALMS on how God is our shepherd and shall not want. Now I want to deal with this 5th verse; My God to have heard how our Pastor Bishop Eric Farmer Sr. Laid it out for us. I will do my best to relay it to you. As it says God has prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies. Yes God is not going to destroy all your enemies, He has left some of your enemies there so they can see the blessings He is giving you. Truly you are going to be surprised at some of the people who are going to be at your table; people who tried to ruin you and have done you wrong, misused you, and unjustly accused you are just exercises in the gym for you to be strengthen just as a athlete goes to the gym to prepare for their opponents. Your enemies got to come to your dinner table so as they can see all the blessings God has prepare for you. This is hard for man to understand because man, if he is not regenerated does not have the Holy Spirit and is selfish. People can tell when the Anointing is upon you; they will try to make it seem like you are bound and don’t know what you are doing or saying. God has certain times when He is going to move and that He alone knows. We must remember the Devil will try to imitate that which is good. He will try his best to duplicate everything Jesus did, only his rewards are death and the grave. Always remember the Devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. The devil gives you false hope, false security and all the time setting you up for a big fall and he has no remorse. We are not a victim but a victor over the evil circumstances. People worship people because the desire to worship is in everyone. The Devil wants to steal that worship that is in you, God created you in His image and for His glory . God wants our worship and the devil wants to steal it. He has always had it in his mind to be worshiped. He works undercover and in religious acts and people who are in the Church deployed there by the devil and know the devil is using them. It seems like you are losing it is not failure. At the first sign of trouble we tuck and run. Let them come, God is subpoenaing them to come to dinner so they can see the blessings God has bestowed upon you. When God prepares a table before your enemies for you, everything you want, every blessing, and every benefit is on it. God subpoenas your enemies so they can behold all the blessings and many benefits that God has prepared for you. Don’t buddy up with them because the devil has told them that they can’t stop you, so they have to try to buddy up with you so they don’t look like the fool for what they have been doing to you; lying and mistreating you. God has a plan and it includes everyone those who have wronged you as well as those who have done right by you. Sometimes you have to be humble and repent you wrong someone. Don’t ever think that God is not moved by your tears of righteousness. God was looking out for you when you weren’t even thinking about it. Those who been dealing with a false Christ will be held accountable. The false Christ and religions where there is no signs and wonders and no miracles happening, and no devils being cast out are going to come to shame and beheld accountable. The devil knows when you are real, they will hide in people and objects. So be sure not to hold things inside of you because it is the spirit of deception. It is never about you it is about God, a saint would rather die in battle than run. God honors those who will stand for God. God has the year of your rejection, year of your reception and year of your revelation. God is looking for people who will not be ashamed to identify themselves with Him. A real man or woman will not feel successful unless they bring someone else with them. God is putting you in His witness protection program. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come neigh thee (Psalms91:7). There are three things that affect you; your family, your friends, and finances, the three F’s. So when you go to dinner they will all be there.

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