Victoria Lakshmi Hammah is NOT sacked - Asem wo wiase! Ghana Deputy Minister For Communications.

When millions of Ghanaian s refugees were forced to flee Nigeria due to political pressures. In a rush to pack their things, they resorted to what we now call the ‘Ghana Must Go’.
The history of the bag starts back in 1983 but it seems One of the things the Ghanaians carried in that "Ghana must go bags" when Nigerians kicked them out of their country was 419
DNA. Now the this bloodline has taken over the whole Nation, from small to the big ones. Now internet fraud practice every where in Ghana because of tainted politicians full of 419 DNA.

Ministry of Communications exists to facilitate the development of a reliable and cost effective world-class
communications infrastructure and services, driven by appropriate technological innovations to enhance the
promotion of GHANA economy.
The role of the Telecommunication Development Sector is to facilitate and enhance telecommunication
development through advice and direct technical assistance. Sector activities range from policy and regulatory advice,
 advice on the financing of telecommunications and on low-cost technology options, assistance in human resource
management, and the development of initiatives targeting rural development and universal access.
  This means the office of the ministry of communication and Ms Victoria Hammah took their communication to another
level because ...???

President John Dramani Mahama has not sacked (dismiss from employment) Ms Victoria Lakshmi Hammah, Deputy Minister for Communications,
of her post as Deputy Minister. Most of the news media in Ghana are all part of the ongoing or under way problem. Because OFMTV.COM
Ghana shocking news Reporters head on
one Radio station, where by the presenter seems to see no problem with Ms Victoria Lakshmi Hammah case. The presenter said, we all
have secret and in our secret we talk about many things like Ms Victoria Lakshmi Hammah...

The announcement was contained in a press release signed by Minister Mahama Ayarigah, Minister of Information and Media Relations,
but this was done to give Ghanaians another view.
Most of the politicians are tainted (contaminate, pollute , spoil, adulterate, infect etc)

"His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama has relieved (no longer feeling distressed or anxious; reassured) Ms Victoria Hammah,
Deputy Minister of Communication of her post as Deputy Minister."

No reasons were assigned for the Deputy Minister’s removal and that means, she still working within according to... but to the
public, we see another picture.This is Politricks (Politricks is the word "politics" altered to convey the empty-campaign
promises often experienced after politicians get elected or political dirty tricks).

This woman case is not just about her (Ms Victoria Hammah) but there are real key leaders in Ghana, Kings, Ministers,
Lawyers, etc, who are part of the ATOM ( Atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus surrounded
by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The electrons of an atom are bound to the nucleus by the electromagnetic force.
Likewise, a group of atoms can remain bound to each other by chemical bonds based on the same force, forming a molecule.).

Therefore, Ms Victoria Hammah is bound to some key leaders in Ghana and was also on a contract work for Ghana, which most Ghanaians don`t know.

Just take your time and listen to Ms Victoria Hammah Conversation (Conversation is a form of interactive, spontaneous communication
between two or more people who are following rules of etiquette). This show how most politicians,
leaders in Ghana etc take Ghana for granted - they fail to appreciate the value of Ghana and people within.
They accept something as true without questioning or testing it. Where can the Nation of Ghana reach?.
That means Ms Victoria Hammah still takes her monthly salary (salary is a form of periodic payment from an employer to an employee,
which may be specified in an employment contract.)
  Most Reporters are talking about sacked but Ms Victory Hammah, contract is not over. You can not sack a worker without any reason.
So the salary continues...persist in an activity or process.  READ MORE ABOUT GHANA HERE ... More coming soon!

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