OFM-TV is offering Promotion discount of 5% of all his products within a limited time. Please take the advantage before the valid time and date expire.

Dear Member,
OFM-TV is offering Promotion discount of 5% of all his products within a limited time. Please take the advantage before the valid time and date expire.

Compatible with: W98 / 200X / Server / XP / Vista /Windows 7

OFM-TV Promo!

OFM-TV Promo!

OFM-TV Promo!

1. OFM-TV Internet Cafe Discount Software . Please Discount coupon from OFM-TV for all members is : BDBE399C11. This promotion discount from OFM-TV Valid until AUGUST 3, 2010.
Internet Caffe Software (Server + 5 Clients)


Internet Caffe Software - Easy, powerful, reliable, user-friendly cybercafe management software

Internet Caffe Software (Server + 40 Clients)

3. OFM-TV Internet Cafe Discount Software . Please Discount coupon from OFM-TV for all members is : DEE5293C20. This promotion discount from OFM-TV Valid until JULY 1, 2010.

Internet Caffe Software - Easy, powerful, reliable, user-friendly cybercafe management software

Internet Caffe Software (Server + Unlimited Clients)

Internet Cafe Software Features

Security - restrict access to system

Restrict access to Ctrl+Alt+Del
and other system keys, local drives, Internet Explorer settings, Control
Panel, and ANY window you choose. Run Client as windows shell and
increase security even further ! When inactive, Internet Cafe Client
is locked with a protection screen.


You can do almost all operations
from server - lock and unlock computers, reboot, shutdown or take a look
at desktops.

Configurable pricing

Basic Pricing

Our software offers various
pricing methods and separate prices for Internet, Games and Office
usage. With basic pricing, usage cost increases every minute with
optional minimum and start price.

Block Pricing

Similar to basic pricing,
usage cost in block pricing is added in specified time intervals. For
example: each 15 minutes, add $1.00. Overtime option is optional, and it
allows few minutes extra usage without extra cost.

Bulk Pricing

Setup custom prices, time
intervals with different duration may have different prices. Example:
first 10 minutes cost $1.00, next 20 minutes cost $0.50, and every next
30 minutes cost $0.40

Scheduled Pricing

Setup different prices during
the day for each program category. Option can be used to set special
weekend pricing, happy hours etc.


Prepaid tickets can be
generated real-time or in advance. Customers login and use computer as
long as there is time on his account. Additional time can be added and
login limited with expire date

Member Accounts

Prepaid or postpaid mode with
ability to specify individual discount for each member. Regular
customers logs in with username and password. There are many options
including configurable access options, unlimited usage etc.

Unlimited Time Accounts

Option can be configured for
each timecode or member account individually. In combination with
'expiration' option, Cyber Internet Cafe software can be configured to
grant monthly access to your customers, forcing them to renew each month

Additional Pricing

Different combinations of existing
pricing methods can be created including free x minutes on session
start, access from-to hours etc

Reports for your cafe


Check out earnings and
charged items for a specified time period, computer, employee or type of
service. Export data as pdf, html, csv or text report

E-mail Reporting

Statistical HTML reports can
be sent to your E-mail at specified time of the day. Employee can also
send it manually from cyber cafe software

Web Server

Using built-in web server,
Antamedia Cafe help you to track and get reports from any Internet
connected computer in the world. Type the IP address of Cafe Server in
your browser and get instant HTML Report. Access to this report is
password protected

Point <br / Of Sale with Inventory tracking" height="82" width="97"">

Point of Sale

Sell drinks, snacks, hardware
and charge your services. There are 10 POS categories with 180
configurable items


Keep track of your stock. All
products quantities are displayed in statistics and you'll be warned
when it drop below specified amount. You can check items on stock, sold
today or sold in total


Predefined discounts can be
applied to the customer bill. You can charge, for example, 20% less for
regular customers


Very flexible tax system will
fit in any country tax regulation. There are 3 different taxes with tax
on tax option. Taxes are separately configured for time usage, each POS
item, console time, printing or bandwidth

Cash Drawer

Support for cash drawers with
predefined settings for few models


Configure receipts to show
your logo, header and footer

Order System

Your customers can easily
order products from the client computer

Accept Credit Cards

Accept Credit Cards

Payment process is completely automated and customer is able
to choose username, password and pricing plan (like 1 Hour Internet time
or 10 hours of game usage). You will not need staff to sell tickets. A
single easy-to-use setup interface enables transaction processing with
any Major Internet
Payment Gateway including PayPal (available to US customers only,
customer will not need PayPal account).

Cafe tables


If you run cafeteria or
restaurant, you can handle all customer orders using tables. Just add
tables and you're ready to run additional business from the same

Internet, Games, Office

Internet, Games, Office, Media ...

Multiple program categories
can be used with unlimited number of programs. By customizing shortcuts,
you can give access only to specified applications and protect
computers of potentially destructive software that customers may run

Employee Accounts

Employee Accounts

Every employee has his own
account (username and password) which is used for Server login. Employee
activity is also logged with the time and type of action performed.
Client software has additional passwords required for their

Support for multiple Internet Cafes

Multiple cafes support

Connect all your cyber cafes
in one network and enable timecode and member accounts sharing. Your
customers will be able to use their remaining time in any of the cafes.
If you deploy smart cards, login process will be automated - inserting a
smart card, your cyber cafe software will authenticate customer

Language editor with 30 languages


There are plenty of languages
included in our software. Any of these can be adjusted to your own
needs through editor integrated in Cafe Server. Some of included
languages are: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Greek,
Serbian, Macedonian, Albanian, Russian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish,
Arabic, Greek, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish...

Client interface

Before the session starts
customers can choose language in which the program interface will be

Internet Cafe comes with many integrated skins


Choose of of the existing
client skins of configure interface to fit your requirements

bandwidth traffic limiting

Bandwidth Management

Shows how much network
traffic is generated by each customer. There are plenty of options for
limiting and charging per data transferred

Central management of options

Full Control

All computers are controlled
and configured from one computer running Internet Cafe Server
application. You can setup pricing, security options, list of restricted
programs, Client skin, banner page, Internet Explorer settings etc.

Auto Update Your Internet
Cafe Software

Automatically update all
client computers to new version by single click. If you are owner or
cafe administrator, you will love automated updates.

Activity Log

Stores different actions
performed in Server and Client software: charged items or services, time
when Cafe Server is started and closed, time of login attempts on
Server, employee actions etc. Server database is encoded and protected
from unauthorized modifications

Reboot Protection

Every Client disconnection
from the Server is processed and customer's bill (or timecode) is
maintained. Disconnected network cables will end customer session after
defined time


Displays banners on client
interface or give your customers limited free surf on your site by
showing web page on client mask. Use it to promote your services, or
make regular announcements

Printer Tracking

CD tracking notification and
printer tracking with automatic adding on the customer bill

Member Photo

Import member photo from web
camera, scanner, or other twain device. Internet Cafe software stores
photos in encrypted database.


When session starts, customer
will see welcome message or you can customize it with terms of usage,
how-to instructions, prices


Customer can chat with
operator or with other customers in your cyber cafe

Volume Control

Operator can adjusts volume
of each computer separately

Change Computer

Customers can change
computers and their time and bill will be transferred on new computer

Smart Cards

Smart Cards are reusable access cards which offer
complete secure system with Internet Cafe software. Costumers doesn`t
have to remember username and password or timecode. Simply insert card
in reader and login occurs automatically.

Windows Compatible

Windows Compatible Cyber Cafe Software

You can use software on any
Windows operating system.
W98 / Me / NT
/ W2000 / W2003 Server / XP
(Home and Pro) / Vista (All Editions) / Windows 7

Customer Comments

1. We find your software absolutely genious. Congratulations!
Udo G. Hetesy - Germany

2. The Internet Caffe by Antamedia is the best thing that happen to us!
Jhon Alberto Casas - N3TCafe - Colombia

3. I am amazed with the speed of your support and how simple everything about this piece of software is. We are very pleased with the program and support we get from you. Keep up the good work!
Gísli Brynjólfsson - Iceland, Reykjavik

4. I am 100% satisfied with your program !!!
Kapageridis Stavros - Greece, MicroNet
We found a little gem from Serbia...... It is SWEEEET and PRICED just
the way it ought for a small start up......most every option that you
could ask for and a few more. After a lot of testing we found it to meet
our needs.

6. Thank you for your GREAT support and fast response.
I will definately promote not only your software but your company also!
Carlos Kennerley, Kampong Kaffe - UK

7. ...i have been looking for the software like yours for a long time.
Samuel - Slovenia

8. Many options to manage internet cafe, work easy and powerfull.
Users love it and comeback to use it.
Internet caffe replace it's price in short time...
Amir Mokhtaryzadeh - Iran

9. The product is really very good. The front end and server programs make it simple for people to setup and run cafes in no time.
Colm Keating - Ireland

10. Thanks a lot. We truly appreciate your excelent personal service and we will continue to do business in the future.
Alex Benitez - Netexpress Cafe - Santa
Tecla - El Salvador

11. I reviewed several Cyber Café software and yours was the most friendly and comprehensive!
Jean L Thomas - VisionNet Cyber Cafe -

12. Many thanks for your excellent service.
Philip Sexton - Cyber @ Sextons - UK

13. Thanks a lot for your untiring effort in updating IC. May you remain kindhearted inspite of your huge success.
Alfredo Pagulayan - QuickSync -

14. Your software and the whole programme is wonderfull it is exactly what I wanted and it saves my business time and money and myself too. I 'm not worrying anything as soon as everything is perfectly working . I know
and trust your whole ssoftware that the whole job will be done from the
server. Since the time I bought your spftware I'm generally very
satisfied with it and you must be proud of having such a programme.
Charis Theocharides - C.T. Champs Pool
Team - Larnaca - Cyprus

15. Thanks very much for your software, keep the good work guys.
Michael Corthals - M-IT Computers -

16. May many internet cafes all over the world discover the beauty and easy interactions with Antamedia.
Keisha - City Books Service & Computer
Centre - Kingston - Jamaica

17. Two tumbs up for antamedia effort, I can't believe you release new release between xmas and new year which is awesome, most people just went to holliday and forget bout all their client, but not you
antamedia. anyway great job and get your self a vacation.
Fajar Setiawan - Blub - Jakarta -

18. Well done Antemedia for looking after your customers and clients so well.
Lubov - Rooihuiskraal - South Africa

19. Thanks to antamedia for software improvements and taking care of customers!
Magnetic - Slovakia

20. Our Internet Cafe has been using your software for 8 months now. We are very happy and satisfied with your amazing software.
Ben, Lan Builders Internet Cafe - USA

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