Gadhafi vows 'long war' as strikes hit his forces. Why China and Russia ?

Gadhafi vows 'long war' as strikes hit his forces...
Col Gadhafi has ruled Libya for more than 40 years. An uprising against him began last month after the long-time leaders of neighbouring Tunisia and Egypt were overthrow.

No matter the cloud and the thickness of the earth, after rainfall, the sun will shine...

    Love the Tetragrammaton, the master of give and take, the language of unity and peace of the world. In Ghana you are the trinity ƆDƆ among Christians and Muslims. You eat the thought of war and releases unity. Live long on my motherland Ghana- By Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong.  Bible Support: My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:18'

Libya leader Gadhafi vowed a "long war" as allied forces launched a second night of strikes on Libya on Sunday.

Beloved, You are a voice stopper of this chaos world and unreliable political leaders of today. Give your comments and share with your friends.

Why Gadhafi vow long war?.

Well, many Christians and other non-Christians may say, it is not their business. I am here to let you know, it is an hour to silence global leaders through prayers. Arise and take your position.

The sky belongs to who?, those leaders body belongs to who?. Are they the final voice of this world?. Do not keep cool, to see many
dieing ( dying).


No Time ! No Time !!.

Creativity has been given to you, start to pray for all those countries taking action. What has started so small can lead to a bigger war if the Church will not start to play.

I can see through my political magnifying glass, that there are many who called themselves Christians and they are happy with actions going on. What we need is understanding and peace.
Remember, where you are sleeping in your current location or country can be a zone for their target but your prayers can bring a change of mind, which will produce world of peace.

Yes, there is no peace in this World, I understand you but some wars are all humanistic view from global leaders as if they are Humanist Philosophers.

If the church will not take action, this small things we are seeing, can also change some peoples age or life, they should have spend on earth. Those leaders have places like caves prepared for them to hide and innocents people will be dieing.

"A drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring."
Meaning: Even if it was just a little help from others, you should return the favor with all you can when others are in need.

Many can be harmed by the things they control.

Things don't happen for no reason; everything has a cause.

So we used to say: Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Yes, Character and motives of Political leaders can be revealed by time...

When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter... Why?

When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers... Why?

Arise and speak out in the language of prayers.

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death-By Martin Luther King, Jr.


China intensifies condemnation of Libya air strikes:

     China's top newspaper on Monday stepped up Beijing's opposition to Western air attacks on Libya, accusing countries backing the strikes of violating international rules and risking fresh turmoil in the Middle East.
China's strongest condemnation yet of Western air assaults on the forces of Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi appeared in the People's Daily, the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party, and it showed how the military conflict could become a fresh front of contention between Beijing and Washington.
The paper used barely veiled words to accuse the United States and its allies of violating international rules, although China refrained from blocking the United Nations Security Council resolution that effectively authorized the air attacks.

The paper likened the assault on Libyan sites to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, and suggested it followed a pattern of Western overreaching in other countries' affairs.


Moscow urges halt of indiscriminate use of force in Libya
   Russia urges western coalition forces to stop indiscriminate air strikes in Libya, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

"We are calling on the respective states to halt the indiscriminate use of force," the ministry said in a statement.


"We are firmly convinced that the mandate deriving from UN Security Council resolution 1973, which was adopted as a rather controversial step, can not be used for attaining goals going clearly beyond its provisions," the statement said, as quoted by Interfax news agency. The statement stressed that international society should only take measures "solely intended to protect civilians," citing latest reports that at least 50 civilians were killed and over 150 wounded in the multinational military strike against Libya.

The military operation against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi began on Saturday, involving the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Canada and other countries.


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the Bible declares in the book of matthew 24, that the nation will strike nations but will not mark the end!

lets put in mind that the son of man is soon coming! the world is soon turning to Globalization, a new world order! where all nations will be put under one government! US is used as a puppet to fulfill the scriptures.


Servants of the most high, Pray as never before, preach as never before in season and out of season!

Long Live my nation Uganda and we shall continue to bless the name of God!

For God and my country!





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