What impacted you the most when you got saved, born again? I would love to hear about your supernatural moments, share it with us please.

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I tell every one I was running so fast towards Satan I tripped at the corner of God!
I was studying the occult in search of truth (I wanted to know how much of the stuff they showed on TV was real or phony) .. I had developed the ability to levitate items . during a demonstration for friends some one whispered .. "My God he did it "! I can not understand it .all I heard was "My God.." and it hit me that there was a vast difference between what I was doing and Him (God) . I went screaming like a mad man down what is usually a busy 2 lane highway (Pulp trucks will not stop I could have looked like a bug ..) for the next 48 hours I did nothing but lay flat by my bed wailing for Gods forgiveness.. nothing was left of my strength.. I could barely sob.
In the stillness , I felt something, started like a small breeze, then picked up like a good gust blowing through my self, filling me with a peace I had not felt ..
No one had to tell me .. I just knew I had been embraced with the divine! And He had forgiven me, and took me to him self. Selah!
Brother Daniel,
praise God for your supernatural experiences with Him! He is all powerful, almighty, all knowing and always our present help in trouble. He is always on time, knows when we need him and when we will respond to Him. It is amazing, no matter how many years since our supernatural experiences have passed, it is always fresh in our minds and memories. And we should share our testimonies, because in Revelation 12: 11 it says that we overcome the devil by the word of our testimony, by the blood of Jesus and by not loving our lives unto death. We should never forget where the LORD saved us from, and therefore be always grateful for our salvation, never taking it for granted. Bless you, your sister in Christ Jesus, our Messiah.
Called into ministry by fire

1970 seemed to be no different than any others.. Dwight and my self had a cabin where we liked to get away and just either relax, or read, or listen to music. This one Sunday we had been reading in Psalms .. I do not remember which one .. as we left , I for a church meeting , he for home, we were over come by a great light we both witnessed from the sky. I remember running in every direction yet could not get out of it.. as I calmed for a bit I realized I was not burnt. as I relaxed I began to be conscious of a song being sung by a group of people I could not see. I closed my eyes and began to join in as the words came to me .. then I began to move in a prophetic speech .. along with the group.. after which the fire lifted and I collapsed to the ground unable to move for a good 20 minutes. My friend hugged a cedar tree but to no avail I winced as he slid down its bark to the ground.
For years we raced after that experience yet never found it to any avail. Then finally one day I was talking to my friend so many years later .. "Daniel.. did you ever get the answer"?
To What (forgetting the question in time)
"As to what it was we did that allowed the event to happen"?
"Ah yes Dwight I did "
What was it " he asked..
"Nothing" I replied .. "It was just one of those co-inkydink moments God does when He wiusheds to whom he wishes .. there is nothing we our selves can do Dwight .. for we could never become so righteous as to trigger the experience our selves."
Obviously you were already a born again believer when you and your friend had this experience. God wants to show us His power through supernatural experiences. He wants us to know how much greater He is than the enemy. We all have different experiences but He knows exactly what is needed for each one of us. Would you say this experience showed you His greater power than what you experienced while "testing" the opposite supernatural, the occult? God will always have the upper hand, His power is not even to be compared to any other spirits!!!! Praise His wonderful Name, name above all other names, Jesus, wonderful counsellor, Almighty God, everlasting Father, the government is upon His shoulders, He is the Prince of peace, the peace that passes our natural minds and our understanding!!! He wants us to desire Him above all, even above all the gifts, we must be in love with the Giver, not the experiences or the gifts. Dear brother, you had an awesome experience, and I am sure God will use it for His glory. We live in the times when the other side of the supernatural (evil) is expanding like never before and we need to take it head on, defeat it in the spiritual world and demonstrate God's power to the lost and deceived people. Bless you! Your sister in Christ

Well, When we get born again it take us to the place of restoration and we show the attributes of Edenic kingdom mentality, how man started with joy, overflow in his presence, live in his presence etc. Where we see ourself back home ,the place we belongs to. From this Edenic garden we start to walk in our godly assigment,We become God like-that is Christ like with the exact image of the father, showing His wonders among men and win more souls , giving names to things, making this dirty world nice as God told Adam to keep and dress the garden according to Genesis 2:15.
Mankind was given the bonafide commission in the garden to control(Dominion), rule(Subdue), multiply, replenish and to be fruitful. Born again Christian must take over the world for Jesus and keep it for Jesus through the demonstration of the supernatural . Woooooooow!!!!!!!! we are back to our Edenic Position through JESUS Christ`s Birth,Baptism,Death and Resurrection.
I remember,when I was a young high school student , I could`t stay without taking the word of God to the bus or the lorry/car stations , the streets, the market places, even to the gartos of the prostitutes .
There was a fire burning in my borns. We couldn`t stop praying all night and even with cross road prayers down in the morning.We were crazy for Jesus and we were able to take that town for Jesus.
As high school student, during vacation I will joined Assemblies of God Church mission team, preaching the Gospel with houses to house, crusades etc . I diacovered it was those hard time busy for the king and His kingdom, that has brought us far to our current Position. From here we still press foreward like Apostle Paul until we get home with our heavenly father. So Help me God together with all parters with more GRACE to finish the unfinished business of the Gospel.
Well, in our modern world christianity has changed, not like before. People become born again and will be sitting in the church building , expecting from Pastor and God. Leaders it is time we push the members out to preach Jesus in the market places.
What a beautiful garden picture!
It is so true what you wrote brother Jeremiah. I feel so privileged to be your partner in the Gospel! Jesus' great commission was for us to GO into all the world, to give, to love the unlovely, to preach the Gospel...The very word world in the Greek means ethnos, which means to go into every ethnic group, language or people group. We are not meant to always be on the receiving end, always waiting and expecting to be blessed, we must be a channel of God's blessing to a dying world and a blessing to His Kingdom. I understand there are seasons in our lives, when we must also receive, but once we are filled we must give, otherwise we become like the dead sea, only receiving but never flowing out, without any life...In order to be obedient to the Lord and operate in our giftings, the most important thing is to stay close to Him, be in our first love with Him, hear his voice and obey His voice. I remember a few years ago, after one very close person whom I helped so much really hurt me, I wanted to stay away from people like that but the Holy Spirit told me very clearly: "Never stop giving of you time, knowledge and finances", for that is the way we keep an open heaven over our lives, being generous and open to the Lord and to the people. The trouble we have many times is because we don't stay in the presence of the Lord long enough to be instructed daily where to go and what to do for Him. Once I had a supernatural revelation, where the Lord showed me two hands, both of them were cut and bleeding, but one was clean and the other one was dirty. The explanation I received was that we will be hurt while doing the ministry but if we are clean, the healing will happen quickly but the dirty hand becomes infected and it doesn't heal properly. God is our Healer, and as we are healed, let us pass on the healing through His grace and love. Two days ago I led an elderly lady to the Lord which brought me such joy in my heart, the angels are rejoicing for one sinner that repents and comes home to the Lord. We all need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit every moment of the day, help us Holy Spirit! Amen
Bless you



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