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Pastor Bike Zhang’s Son Beaten

Friday 17 Oct 2008

BEIJING, CHINA (ANS) -- China Aid Association (CAA) says that it has learned that Zhang Jian, the elder son of Pastor "Bike" Zhang Mingxuan, was severely beaten by Public Security Bureau (PSB) officials while at home with his mother, Xie Fenglan, in Beijing on Thursday, October 16.

Pastor Bike Zhang and Son, Zhang Jian

A CAA spokesperson told ANS that Xie Fenglan has testified that at about noon Beijing time, 15 Beijing PSB officers entered their residence and secured the exits before severely beating Zhang Jian with iron bars for 25 minutes.

"As Zhang Jian lay bleeding profusely, his mother called an ambulance, but the receptionist told her that a higher government authority gave a directive not to dispatch any ambulance to rescue her son because he is related to Pastor Bike Zhang," said the CAA spokesperson.

"Zhang Jian's mother then called her younger son, Zhang Chuang, who rushed to the house where he was also beaten by the same authorities. After some time, a personal friend of the Zhang family was able to take Zhang Jian to the Beijing Min Hang (Aviation) Hospital emergency room where Zhang Jian remains now.
"His doctor said Zhang Jian's right eye may lose sight forever because of the severe damage resulting from the repeated beating. Pastor Bike Zhang, who was traveling in Yunnan province at the time, is currently unable to be contacted. It is assumed that he has been detained by authorities."

CAA said that Pastor Bike Zhang's wife, Xie Fenglan, was kicked out of her legally rented apartment, located at Room 206-102 at the Beijing Olympic Garden apartments, after her elder son Zhang Jian was sent to the hospital. The family's furniture was thrown into the street. Government authorities ordered all hotels in Beijing not host her so she is now residing at Dr. Fan Yafeng's home. Dr. Fan, a house church leader in Beijing, is an internationally renowned Chinese Constitutional law scholar and rights defender.

"China Aid strongly condemns the unjust and criminal actions of the Chinese government," said the spokesperson. "The brutal and unprovoked assaults on innocent civilians are acts of desperation and cowardice of a regime that has continued to ignore basic human rights and freedoms despite outcries from the international community. These reprehensible acts by the Chinese government should serve as a reminder to the international community that the Communist Party of China is only interested in self-preservation and will gladly sacrifice its own citizens' freedoms in order to maintain its corrupt power."

During the past 22 years, Pastor Bike and his family members have been arrested, beaten and evicted from their home numerous times because of their Christian faith, yet he and his family continue to serve the house church Christians in Beijing. China Aid says that it is standing with the Zhang family and will continue to send out updates on their situation.

Contact Zhang Jian's mother, Xie Fenglan, for an interview at +86-10-62547185.
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Bishop Jia Zhiguo, an underground bishop of Zhengding, is arrested again by Chinese authority
Posted Aug 25 2008

Press Release – August 24, 2008
The Cardinal Kung Foundation
Contact: Joseph Kung
PO Box 8086, Stamford, CT 06905, U.S.A.
Tel: 203-329-9712 Fax: 203-329-8415
Web Site: http://www.cardinalkungfoundation.org

Bishop Jia Zhiguo, an underground bishop of Zhengding, is arrested again by Chinese authority

Bishop Julius Jia Zhiguo, the unregistered or “underground” Roman Catholic Bishop of Zhengding , Heibei, whose repeated arrests by the Chinese government have been reported by the Cardinal Kung Foundation and by other world news media many
times, was arrested again by the Chinese authority at approximately 10:45 AM Beijing time on Sunday, August 24, 2008. Six government officials in two automobiles arrested Bishop Jia from his Christ the King Cathedral in WuQiu. As far as we know,
this is the 12th time that Bishop Jia was arrested by the Chinese authority since January 2004. He was last arrested on August 23, 2007, and was released on December 14, 2007. We do not know where Bishop Jia is detained at this time. We also do not know
why he was arrested again this time. As we have already reported on July 13, 2008, Bishop Jia’s release in December 2007 did not bring about his “freedom” to carry
out his duties as a bishop of a diocese. Bishop Jia was under house arrest, confined in the living quarters of his cathedral, Christ the King Church in Wu Qiu. He was not allowed to receive any visitor except for a few rare occasions when the visits were
supervised and accompanied by the government officials. However, On August 15, 2008, the feast of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, he was allowed to offer a Mass at his Cathedral. Thousands attended.

Near the vicinity of the Christ the King Church, the public police bureau had set up an observation post in order to monitor the activities and visitors to this church in WuQiu. The government has an organized unit of six officers patrolling the vicinity of the
church 24 hours a day, forbidding any visitor to visit Bishop Jia, or to approach the vicinity of the church. Bishop Jia is seriously sick causing a constant tremor of his right hand. The bishop requested medical service outside of his living quarters, but was
denied by the authority. Bishop Jia, almost 74 years old, was consecrated a bishop as the bishop of Zhengding, Heibei on December 19, 1980 mandated by the Pope. He has spent 18 years in prison. Zhengding is a small village situated approximately 100 miles south of Beijing.

It is a faithful Roman Catholic community with approximately 110,000 Catholics. Bishop Jia is also caring for approximately 100 abandoned handicapped orphans. This orphanage is greatly in need of financial and medical help. There are approximately 40 underground bishops in China. Every one of them is either in prison, disappeared, under house arrests,
or under surveillance. Bishops Su Zhimin, Bishop of Baoding, and Shi Enxiang, Bishop of Yixian, were arrested in October, 1997 and April 2001 respectively. There has been no news on these two bishops since then. Both have now disappeared. We do not
know if they are still alive. Bishop Han DinXiang, the Bishop of Yong Nian, was arrested in December 1999, and disappeared in the last two years of his prison. He died suddenly in prison on September 9, 2007 in a very mysterious and suspicious circumstances. He was not allowed a Catholic burial. Instead, by order of the government, the Bishop was cremated and buried within 6 hours of his death! These bishops’ current plight are just some examples of many underground Roman Catholic bishops whose civil rights are being
seriously violated in China. The persecution of religious believers is very much alive in China and ongoing regardless of the fact that the Olympics games has just been held in China and closed today. As Pope Benedict XVI reminded us in his letter to China
published on June 30, 2007 “Many bishops have undergone persecution and have been impeded in the exercise of their ministry, and some of them have made the Church fruitful with the shedding of their blood.” — End —

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Two Missionaries Released in Inner Mongolia Released; Two More Still in Detention
Posted Aug 11 2008

China Aid Association, Inc.
Tel: (267) -205-5210
Fax: (432)-686-8355
Website: http://www.chinaaid.org/
Contact: Daniel Burton (432)-689-6985
August 11, 2008

Inner Mongolia- CAA has learned that two of the four missionaries detained in Inner Mongolia in early July have been released after serving 30 days adminstrative detention.
Yu Yongqing and Li Shusen were released on Aug. 6 and Aug 10, respectively. Yu Yongqing was released after paying an undisclosed amount of money to PSB officials for his release. Two of the four detained missionaries, Li Li and Wang Shuang remain in detention. Mr. Wang’s wife and sister visited the PSB detention center where he was being held upon entering the station they were shown into Wang’s cell where he was seen being hung by handcuffs. The two women left seriously distraught yet helpless to change the situation. THe other detainee, Li Li has been diagnosed by PSB officials as having a serious lung disease and possibly lung cancer. Detention guard officials fearful that Li will die under their watch have determined that Li will be placed under house detention with the condition that Li will promise not to escape while at home.Issued by CAA August 11, 2008

History of Persecution in China-Chronology of Christianity in China

1807 - Robert Morrison, the first Protestant missionary (London Missionary Society) reaches Canton.

1841 - Henry Venn, Secretary of the Church Missionary Society, advocates the principle of self-responsibility and self-support for mission-planted churches.

1851 - The Venn concept is formulated as the Three Selfs: self-supporting, self-governing, self-propagating.

1860 - Following its loss of the Second Opium War, China signs the Treaty of Tianjin, which also grants foreign missionaries the right to share their faith in China.

1900 - Boxer Rebellion. 189 missionaries and children are martyred.

1919 - Communism emerges.

1922 - Anti-Christian movement breaks out.

1926 - Watchman Nee establishes The Christian Assemblies, also known as The Little Flock.

1930s - The northern China province of Shantung experiences a supernatural visitation of the Spirit of God, characterized by deep repentance and public confession of sin by both believers and new converts, accompanied by signs and wonders in healing, speaking in tongues and casting out demons. People from all denominations are affected.

1949 - The Communist Party gains power. Estimates place about 1 million Protestants and 4.5 million Catholics in China. By 1991, estimates claim 50 million Christians in house churches. Most growth occurs in rural areas where 80 percent of the population lives.

1949-1953 - Foreign missionaries expelled from China.

1950 - Under Mao TseTung and the Marxist/Communist regime, the Christian Manifesto calls on the Church to expose and oppose imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism and help promote an independent, democratic and patriotic China. The Three-Self reform movement is established by the state.

1952 - Watchman Nee is arrested and never released.

1954 - The Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) is formerly organized by liberal Protestant leaders, headed by Wu Yaozong. The name is a prostitution of the “Three Self” principles espoused a century earlier by Christian missionaries. Where the Bible and patriotism conflict, the party line wins.

1954-1966 - Christians abandon TSPM and establish house churches, a fertile soil out of which explosive growth occurs.

1955 - Wang MingTao, an eminent Beijing Pastor, is arrested, imprisoned, brainwashed and tortured. He is not released until 1978.

1966-1976 - The Cultural Revolution. Red Guards carry out a ruthless campaign to crush religion. All religious activities were banned and church buildings were either closed or destroyed. Hundreds of clergies including TSPM pastors were sent to labor camps for re-education through labor.

1977 - A more moderate set of pragmatic policies is pursued by Deng Xiaoping. Christians are released from prison to demonstrate to the West a policy of religious freedom and attention to human rights issues.

1978-1982 - House churches see great multiplication and initially enjoy relative peace. Christians boldly evangelize, worship and teach in large meetings. In one city, 60 percent of the population embraces Jesus Christ.

1982 - The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee formulate “The Basic Viewpoint and Policy on the Religious Affairs during the Socialist Period of Our Country,” known as “Document No. 19.” This document continues as the basis of the religious policy and itemizes “five characteristics” (wu xing) of religion in socialist China: that it 1) will exist for a long time, 2) has masses of believers 3) is complex, 4) entwines with ethnicity, and 5) affects international relations. The document concludes that: 1) religious affairs should be handled with care, 2) religious believers should be rallied for the central task of economic construction and 3) religious freedom should be guaranteed, as long as the believers love the country, support CCP rule and observe socialist laws. It acknowledges the mistakes of militant atheism, yet clearly reaffirms the atheist doctrine that religion will wither away and that atheist propaganda should be carried out unremittingly.

Mid-1983 - Hundreds of arrests, occasional incidents of torture and other forms of harassment since mid-1983 constitute the first sweeping crackdown against Christian activity since the Communist regime instituted a measure of toleration in 1979. The repression is aimed especially at a zealous Protestant revival occurring among the unsanctioned house churches, which are in increasing conflict with the government-approved Protestant organizations.

1989-1993 - Following the Tian’anmen Square Massacre of June 4, 1989, a great spiritual awakening breaks out among Chinese intellectuals and professionals. Thousands “both in China and overseas” embrace the Christian faith.

1994-PRESENT - Beijing escalates and intensifies efforts to force registration and end all unapproved religious activities (link to Religious Persecution in China Testimonies).

1999 - The Chinese government officially bans Falun Gong and other qigong groups, along with more than a dozen Christian organizations with house church background. They are labeled as “evil cults” that endanger the health of the masses and disturb the stability of the society.

2004 - November. Beijing announces new Religious Affairs Provisions (RAP) to take effect March 1, 2005. Officials claim RAP represents a “paradigm shift” in official thinking about religious affairs. Most analysts see no real change.

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